How To Delete Facebook Account, Facebook Groups, And Unrestrict Users

How To Delete Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular social media applications among people all over the world. We all like to share and post our memories and memorable events on Facebook with our friends and family. Sharing our life events and connecting with our loved ones while sitting miles away from them is easy. But sometimes, too much social media distracts you from your important tasks. 

Moreover, we deactivate or delete our Facebook accounts when we want to limit our social media interaction to eliminate these distractions. You can do it by uninstalling it from your mobile phone. But there are better ways to do it. This article is for those looking for the right way to get rid of this application. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to deactivate or permanently delete Facebook. 

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

It is natural to grow tired of constantly appearing on social media. This is why we sometimes want to take a break from too much social media engagement. But you don’t have to delete Facebook for a temporary break. Deactivating your account can assist you in taking a break. You will have a break and will be able to focus on your important tasks in life while you deactivate your Facebook account. It will not permanently delete your memories or important posts; you can reactivate your account whenever you want. Here is the process to deactivate your account. Also, read How To Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription.

Steps To Deactivate Your Facebook Account?

When you want to deactivate your account first, you must log in to your account from a mobile or computer. 

  • Go to the privacy settings and choose the option to deactivate the account. 
  • It will ask you to enter your account password again before confirmation. 
  • Your account has been deactivated. You can reactivate it anytime in the future. There is another method that you can use to deactivate your Facebook account. 
  • Log in to your account. 
  • Right-click your profile picture and choose privacy and settings. 
  • Go to settings and then click privacy and your Facebook information. 
  • A list of options appears: choose deactivation and deletion. 
  • Confirm the option, then click continue to deactivate.

How To Delete Your Facebook on Desktop?

When you delete an account, you will lose your data forever. It means you will lose your account forever, and it will recover again. So, it is recommended to download your important information before finally deleting it. Deleting your Facebook on the Desktop is easy.

  • First, log in to your profile.
  • Click profile picture and go to settings and privacy
  • Choose settings here. 
  • Navigate the option Accounts Center and go to Personal details. 
  • Now, choose Account Ownership and Control. 
  • Choose the option deletion or deactivation. 
  • Your account will be deleted. 

How To Delete A Facebook Account On App?

  • To delete your Facebook account on mobile, log in to your account. 
  • Choose the account menu and click privacy and settings. 
  • Go to the Accounts centre and then personal details. 
  • Then select Account Ownership and Control.
  • You will find the options deletion or deactivation. Choose the desired option, then select the account you want to delete. 
  • Now confirm it by clicking on the delete account. Also, read How To Cancel Audible Membership.

How To Delete A Group On Facebook

Facebook groups are the best way to work as a community, but when it’s time to finish the groups, it’s a complex task. There is no simple delete button for finding these groups. Being a group admin, you can delete any Facebook group by following these simple steps. 

Delete Facebook Group on Desktop

Delete Facebook Group on Desktop

  • First, log in to the Facebook group, go to the menu, and choose groups.
  • Now select members. 
  • Remove all members individually by selecting the remove member option from the group. 
  • After removing all group members, you have to leave the group. By choosing the leave group option. 
  • Now, the group has been deleted. Also, read How To Cancel Chegg Subscription.

Delete Facebook Group on Mobile Phone

Delete Facebook Group on Mobile Phone

  • Go to the menu bar and tap the option groups. 
  • Now, choose the group you want to delete. 
  • Now select the option people from the badge icon. 
  • Now remove each group by selecting the option remove member.
  • After removing all the group members, the admin needs to leave the group by selecting the option leave the group. 
  • It will automatically delete the group. 

How To Unrestrict On Facebook

How To Unrestrict On Facebook

Restricting someone on Facebook is a better option than blocking them. And if the person you want to restrict is your family member, you may want to unrestrict them later. If you want to unrestrict someone on Facebook, here are the ways to do it. 

Unrestrict Users on Mobile Apps

While unretiring someone on the Facebook mobile app, you must log in to your account first. 

  • Now open the user’s profile you want to restrict. 
  • Click on the option Friends.
  • Now Click on the Edit Friend list option. 
  • You find a tick on the option restricted. Untck this option to finish the restriction. 

Unrestrict Users on Desktop

If you want to unrestrict someone, you are restricted from Facebook; it is simple. 

  • Open your Facebook account on the web. 
  • Go to the user’s profile you want to unrestrict. 
  • Select the option friends.
  • Tap on the edit friend list. 
  • It will open two options: restricted and close friends.
  • Untick the restricted option, and the selected user will be unrestricted. 

Editors Note

You might want to delete Facebook for numerous reasons, including concerns about your personal information falling into the wrong hands or limiting your social media appearance. 

Once you delete your account, you can easily do it by following the steps outlined above. But before choosing the delete option, It’s important to note that it will make you lose all your posts, photos, videos, and pages permanently. So, if you want to take a little break, you deactivate your account and get it back when you like. 

Users can easily delete the account by following the steps mentioned above. However, you have 30 days to cancel the deletion. You need to log into your account within 30 days to reactivate your account. Also, read How To Delete YouTube History.


On Facebook, where is the delete account button?

If you are trying to delete your Facebook account, first, you have to Launch Facebook and sign in.

Now click your profile picture, then navigate to Settings & privacy.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Your Facebook data.

There are two options: Deactivation and deletion. 

Select Delete account to confirm.

Why is it so difficult to delete a Facebook account?

It is difficult and time-consuming to delete a Facebook account. Once you delete it, you cannot access it again after 30 days. The data of users will be permanently deleted. That is why Facebook delays the process for days and allows users to reactivate the deletion process if they so desire.

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