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How To Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription

Today, users prefer online streaming services to enjoy their favourite TV shows. That is the reason there are a huge number of streaming services available today for users. We all use one or another live TV website to enjoy our favourite TV shows. Paramount Plus is one of these services people all over the world subscribe to for entertainment purposes. 

Paramount Plus is also known as CBS All Access and provides good-quality entertainment programs to users. Users love Paramount Plus for its best services. But if you use Paramount Plus and want to cancel its subscription, this article is for you. Here, we will guide you on how to cancel your Paramount Plus subscription without much hassle. 

How To Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription

We can cancel the Paramount Plus subscription from any device; however, it is important to remember that the method to cancel a subscription depends on the method you used to subscribe to the service. If you had signed up for the subscription from the web, the only way to cancel is to do it online. If you used Amazon Prime video channels to subscribe, the only way to cancel the subscription is to cancel it from the Amazon website. 

Let’s find out how we can cancel our paramount subscription through different devices in an easy way.

How To Cancel: Paramount Plus Subscription Through Website

  • When you sign up for Paramount Plus using the website on a desktop, you have subscribed directly. The only way to cancel it is to do it using the web. Here are a few steps to cancel Paramount Plus through the web.
  • First, go to the Paramount Plus website and sign into your account. 
  • You will see your profile picture on the top when you open your homepage. Click on your profile picture. 
  • A menu bar will open with various options.
  • Click on the account.
  • When you open your account page, you will find the option “cancel Subscription.” Click on “cancel subscription”. 
  • You will be asked to confirm the cancellation to complete the process. Do it by choosing the confirm cancellation, which will cancel your membership. Also, read How To Cancel YouTube TV.

How To Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription Through Amazon

Users who subscribe to Paramount Plus via Amazon have to cancel similarly. To cancel it, you have to go to the Amazon dashboard. 

  • Sign in to your Amazon Prime account.
  • Now click on the profile photo of your account 
  • Select account settings from the given options. 
  • It will open a menu with more options. Choose the option “channels” here. 
  • You will find the option “Paramount + channel” here. Choose it and click on “cancel channel.” 
  • Sometimes, websites offer users account retention. But if you are sure about cancellation. Click on “cancel my subscription”. 

You will get a confirmation notice of the successful cancellation of the account, and the process is completed. Also, read How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account.

How To Cancel Your Paramount Plus On Android

We all know about creating a paramount account on Android phones and using the googly Play Store. Cancelling it is also done by going to the Play Store. 

Here is the way to do it. 

  • Go to your Google account. 
  • Now open the Play Store. 
  • Go to the Play Store subscription page. 
  • Select paramount + and cancel the subscription. 

How To Cancel Paramount Plus On iOS Devices

People using their paramount account on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV can also cancel it easily on their devices. Follow these simple steps to finish your membership on iOS. 

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Click on your profile icon. 
  • Now tap on subscription.
  • Another menu bar will open. Choose active here. 
  • Click on paramount plus. 
  • Choose the option “Cancel subscription”.
  • Now click on “confirm” to confirm the cancellation. 

It will complete the cancellation process. You will get a notification to confirm the cancellation process. 

How To Cancel Free Trial Of Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus also cares for new users who hesitate to pay for a subscription and offer a free trial. If you get a free trial but are unsatisfied with the service or dont want to pay for the subscription, you can cancel the free trial before its deadline. Go to the paramount website and sign into your account. Go to your profile icon at the top corner, click on it, and select the” account ” option, which will take you to the account page. Scroll down to find the option “cancel subscription.” Click on it to cancel your trial subscription. Tap on confirm to confirm the process of cancellation. 

Editor’s View

The popular online streaming website Paramount Plus serves millions of people worldwide. People enjoy watching their favourite shows on Paramount because it provides convenient entertainment. For new users, there is also a free trial period available. Take advantage of the free trial before purchasing a paid subscription. It will make it easier for you to decide whether or not you want to pay for their paid subscription. 

Although most people enjoy it, there are times when we wish to cancel our subscription or refuse to pay for it. As previously stated, the cancellation procedure is straightforward. You can cancel the subscription easily on any device, including Web, Android, or iPhone. Also, read How To Delete YouTube History.


Can I cancel my paramount subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Paramount membership anytime, anywhere. Log in to your account. Choose account settings. Click on cancel subscription, confirm it, and it will be done. You will also get a notification when it’s done. 

Why am I unable to cancel a subscription on my iPhone?

Subscriptions on iPhones can only be cancelled if purchased through Apple’s App Store and linked to your Apple ID account. It means you can cancel subscriptions to Apple’s services (which include Apple Music) and other streaming services. 

You cannot cancel the paramount subscription because you may not subscribe to it through your iPhone app store. If you have subscribed to through, log in to your account on paramount .com and cancel it there. 

Can I use a VPN to watch Paramount Pus?

Paramount Plus is only available in some places. It is only in a few countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. If you are from a country where paramount is unavailable, you can use a VPN to access it. 

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