How To Unpair And Reset Apple Watch 

How To Unpair And Reset Apple Watch

The use of smartwatches is increasing now due to the technology development. Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch. Although we love using the Apple watch, sometimes we need to unpair and reset our Watch. To reset an Apple watch, we must remove all our data and bring it to the factor setting. If you are an Apple watch user but have problems unpairing it, this article will solve it. This article will show you how to reset your Apple watch easily. Let’s delve into it. 

Why Do We Need to Reset Apple Watch

Resetting the Apple watch needs to be done for many reasons. Sometimes, we need to resell our Watch, and before selling, it is compulsory to remove all data from our watch. This data includes all your media applications and transit card details. For this purpose, we have to unpair and reset our Watch. Another reason can be that our Watch has some technical problem and it requires resetting. When we want to reset our Apple watch, we should have complete information to reset it perfectly. 

Things to Remember Before Resetting Apple Watch

Remove All Transit Cards Details

It is crucial to Remove your transit card from your Apple Watch before unpairing it if you’re using it with a transit card in the Wallet app.

Do Not Test With The Holes In Apple Watch

The slots in the Apple Watch case are there to allow sounds from the device’s speakers, as well as to allow water-depth measurement on the Apple device. Insert no object into these holes to avoid damage.

Backup Your Apple Watch data

Your smartwatch is connected to your iPhone, but if you want to reconnect it with a new phone, you must untangle it with the previous one. To connect it to the new device, first, you need to back up all your smartwatch data. Then turn off your watch lock to set it again.

This step is critical if you intend to keep using your Apple Watch and are only trying to resolve a technical issue. Completing an Apple Watch backup is just backing up the iPhone to which it is connected. You have the option of creating a local backup on your PC or using Apple’s iCloud backup service. Also, read How To Cancel Microsoft Subscription.

How To Reset An Apple Watch

Apple users planning to sell their watches or those who want to solve their technical problems need to reset their watches completely. Although for some users, it is an easy task, most of us need to be made aware of it. It is compulsory to know how to reset it without harming the Apple watch. Here are two ways to do it. 

Reset the Apple Watch Using the iPhone

How To Unpair And Reset Apple Watch

When you back up your smartwatch data, it’s time to unpair and reset it. It’s possible to do it from your iPhone. Here’s how to use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to unpair an Apple Watch and restore it as needed. 

  • Access your iPhone to open the Apple Watch app.
  • On my Watch screen, tap All Watches.
  • Now press the info button.
  • Choose Unpair Apple Watch.
  • Confirm this step by pressing Unpair your Watch.
  • There are two alternatives. Choose whether to keep or cancel your plan. Remove your plan while you’re resetting your Watch. 
  • Enter your Apple ID password and press Unpair to disable Activation Lock.
  • Your Watch will begin backing up the data on your Watch to your iPhone. 
  • It will then unpair itself from your current iPhone.
  • Delete all active pairing payment cards used on Apple Watch, and wipe the password you entered.
  • Furthermore, your Watch will be reset to factory settings by Apple.
  • Now, substitute your old Apple Watch with a new one. Also, read How To Turnoff SOS On iPhone 11.

How To Unpair And Reset Apple Watch Directly

 Disconnecting your Apple Watch through your iPhone’s Watch smartphone application is an easy reset. It is the easiest way to reset your smartwatch. This way, it synchronizes and backs up your smartwatch’s recent data before returning it to factory settings. You dont need to do it separately.

However, if your phone has been damaged,  you cannot complete the abovementioned steps. You can do it another way by disconnecting it from your smartwatch directly. Unfortunately, unpairing from your Watch does not create a backup or disable Activation Lock. The process of doing a backup has been discussed above.

 Here are the following easy steps  To unpair and reset your Apple watch directly from the smartwatch. 

  • Open the Apple Watch Settings app.
  • Select the General setting option.
  • Now Tap on the Reset button.
  • Choose “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  • Enter your smart Watch’s security code 
  • Now choose one option between Erase All or Erase All & Keep Plan.
  • Finish restoring Apple watch data.
  •  Use your web browser for access to and disable Activation Lock.
  • To log into the device settings, enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Select Settings.
  • You will see a list of all your devices.
  • Select  Apple Watch from the list of My Devices.
  • To remove your Apple Watch, click the X next to it.
  • To confirm, click the Remove button.

Editor’s View

Do you need clarification about what is the best method you should choose to unpair and reset your Apple Watch? This article has solved your problem. You can use any of the above-discussed methods to reset your Apple watch.

These are the two methods for removing your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Of course, the most convenient method is to use your iPhone. However, this is the safest way to reset your watch sometimes, we cannot do it for some reason. If you don’t have access to your iPhone but still need to unpair your Apple Watch, you can do so using your smart Watch. Apple makes this process simple and easier. And before you know it, you’ll have your Watch unpaired and ready to connect your Watch with a new iPhone. Also, read How To Cancel Amazon Music On iPhone.


How do I unpair my Apple Watch if I don’t have my phone?

When you want to unpair your Apple Watch but don’t have access to your iPhone. There is an alternative way to unpair your smartwatch without an iPhone. Knowing your password, you can also go to Settings General Reset to erase and unpair your Apple Watch. 

You can also do it in another way. If you want to erase and unpair your Apple Watch without using your iPhone, go to Choose Settings from the menu. Tap on My Devices and select Apple Watch to disconnect it from your iPhone. 

What is the time it takes to unpair an Apple Watch?

Your Apple Watch and iPhone will take up to 10 minutes to disconnect. It also depends on the amount of data stored on your Apple watch..however, unpairing an Apple watch does not take much time if you follow all the steps wisely and correctly. Also, read How To Change Password on iPhone.

How do I re-pair my Apple Watch with my new phone?

To reset the Watch, open the Settings app. 

Select General from the options. 

Then choose  Reset, 

Click on  Erase All Content and Settings.

Check Updates for software: 

Go to Settings

Then select General 

 Click on Software Update on your iPhone.

You can easily unpair your Apple Watch if you have the iPhone with which it is paired. It disables Activation Lock on your Apple Watch and removes all previous data. 

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