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How To Cancel Microsoft Subscription

When we talk about Microsoft subscriptions, there are various services that it offers, including Xbox Live, Xbox Games, and Microsoft 365. Many of us must have been using one or more of these subscriptions. Many users use Microsoft subscriptions to access various entertainment channels and other useful tools. We are all aware that It is easy to get subscriptions, but cancelling them is a complex process. 

If you are tired of using multiple subscriptions and looking for information to cancel one of these subscriptions, today’s article is for you. Here, we will discuss the method to cancel a Microsoft subscription. Let’s find out how we can cancel our Microsoft subscription in detail. 

Things To Know Before Canceling Microsoft Subscription

If you purchased your subscription directly from Microsoft, you can cancel it through your Microsoft customer account or delete your Microsoft Office 365 account. If you have Microsoft 365 through an alternative provider, you must review the refund policy before cancelling. Remember that eliminating your Microsoft account will result in losing access to all Microsoft applications and data. Also, read How To Cancel HBO Max Subscription via mobile.

How To Cancel Microsoft Subscription

To cancel your subscription, first determine the type of Microsoft subscription you have. Microsoft provides various services, each with a separate payment method and cancellation procedure. 

Knowing which subscription you’re dealing with will assist you in determining the appropriate cancellation steps for your situation. Here are the steps to cancelling different types of Microsoft subscriptions.

How To Cancel Xbox Game Pass Or Xbox Live

Xbox Live or Xbox game pass are the popular Microsoft subscriptions that most users have. But if you do not want to use it anymore, you can cancel it easily. Cancelling Xbox games PS or Xbox Live is possible in two ways. You can cancel it both through the Website and the Xbox console. 

Cancel Xbox games and Xbox Live via the Website.

The first method is to cancel it through the Website. 

  • Open the Microsoft website in your browser. 
  • Log in to your account. 
  • Access the option “services and subscriptions”. 
  • Select “Xbox game pass or Xbox Live subscriptions. 
  • Now choose the option “manage”.
  • Select the “cancel” button to cancel the subscription. 
  • You will get an email notification from Microsoft to confirm the cancellation. 

Cancel Xbox Live and Xbox Game Via Xbox Console 

  • The second method is to cancel a subscription through the Xbox console. 
  • First, open the Xbox guide using your Xbox console controller. 
  • Go to “profile and system”. 
  • Find the settings and click on them. 
  • Select your “account” and find your subscriptions there. 

Here, you can choose the subscription you want to cancel. As you try to cancel your Xbox game pass, select it. And click on the cancel button or follow the Microsoft instructions to find your membership. Also, read How To Unpair Apple Watch.

How To Cancel Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is another widely used subscription, but if you want to cancel it, it is possible in a few steps. You can follow these steps to cancel a Microsoft 365 subscription. 

  • Open your browser and go to the Microsoft website.
  • Now, sign in to your account. 
  • Open the “Services and subscriptions” page. 
  • Here, you will find all your Microsoft subscriptions. 
  • Select “microsfot 365” subscription. Then click on the option “manage.”
  • Now click on the “cancel” button. 
  • You will get instructions from Microsoft to cancel it. Follow these instructions to confirm your cancellation. 
  • You will be given options to cancel the subscription immediately or at the end of the subscription date. 

Cancel Other Microsoft Subscriptions

Apart from the subscriptions mentioned above, there are many other subscriptions that Microsoft offers. Their method of cancellation is also different. To cancel these subscriptions, you have to count on Microsoft customer support to cancel. Also, read How To Cancel Amazon Music On iPhone.

How to Get A Refund After Microsoft Subscription Cancelation

Depending on your subscription and situation, the refund process may differ. If you are looking to cancel and get a refund for your Microsoft subscriptions, first follow the Microsoft rules for various subscriptions. Here’s how to cancel your Microsoft subscription and get a refund. 

  • Go to the subscriptions page after logging into your Microsoft account. 
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel and press the “Cancel” button.
  • Confirm your cancellation. 
  • Contact customer service to request a refund.

Final Words

Microsoft offers various subscriptions to its users for entertainment or learning purposes. These subscriptions are affordable and easy to use. However, sometimes, paying for too many subscriptions becomes a problem for users. Some users may need help to utilize it for what they are paying. It is wise to cancel those memberships for which you are paying fees. It will save you some money. 

This article can be useful for users who want to cancel their Microsoft subscriptions. Cancelling your Microsoft subscription can be a simple process. You can efficiently terminate your subscription by following the steps discussed in this guide and being aware of the specific details of your subscription. To ensure a smooth experience, check the cancellation policy, gather necessary information, and confirm the cancellation. If you decide to re-subscribe, Microsoft will gladly accept you back.


How do I prevent Microsoft from charging my credit card?

When you subscribe to a Microsoft channel, it will keep charging you at the start of every month automatically until you cancel your subscription. To stop Microsoft charging from your card, you must remove your payment method from the Microsoft subscription list. You have to take a few steps to remove it.

To Remove a payment method from your Microsoft account

Sign in with your Microsoft account to the Payment Options page. There, you will find all payment methods in detail. 

Look for the payment method you want to remove and click the Remove button.

Confirm to remove your payment method, then click the Remove button. Also, read How To Turnoff SOS On iPhone 13.

Can I cancel my Microsoft free trial at any time?

Microsft offers a one-month free trial to new users. If you already availed of this free trial and do not want to continue, you can cancel it anytime. It is better to avoid future charges as a subscription fee. You should Turn off recurring billing two days before your free trial expiry date to cancel it. If you do not turn off recurring billing, you must pay the applicable subscription fee after your one-month free trial period ends.

What if I don’t pay my Microsoft subscription fee?

If you use Microsoft 365 and fail to pay the monthly fee, you will lose access to all Microsoft 365 apps, including OneDrive storage. If you do not renew your Microsoft 365 subscription, you can back up your files using OneDrive. You can also use Office Online for free in your web browser. 

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