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How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Ebooks are a good option for those who love reading physical books but have no time to search public libraries to read their favourite books. Many websites are offering this service to their users to make reading easier. Once we subscribe to these websites, we can easily access books online and can read anywhere. 

The best part of ebooks is that we can read them comfortably on our laptops or mobile phones.  Moreover, these platforms are easy to access, so people worldwide prefer using these websites. Kindle Unlimited is one of these websites.

 What Is Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon-based website offering their customers various kinds of ebooks. People buy memberships and enjoy reading ebooks in their comfort. The platform consists of a vast library, including books of all genres. Kindle includes millions of ebooks, comics, audiobooks, and magazines. It provides monthly subscriptions to users who can immediately start reading and downloading books after getting subscriptions. Therefore, users with different interests can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited easily. 

However, if you do not want to keep your Kindle subscription, you can cancel it anytime. This article gives you step-by-step guidance on cancelling your Kindle membership. Also, read How To Cancel Audible Membership.

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Kindle is a great online platform for those who love reading. But it can only be useful if you have time to read books. Due to this, some users may want to cancel it after the subscription. If you are the one who wants to end your membership with Kindle, you can do it on both Amazon and Kindle accounts by using both your mobile and desktop.

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited Account Through Amazon Account

Amazon allows Kindle users to cancel their accounts on Amazon. Here is the way to do it. 

  • First, open your Amazon website. 
  • Tap on “Accounts and Lists”. It will open a menu. 
  • Tap on the “Kindle account” from the menu. ‘
  • Now log in to your account from the Amazon Kindle account page. 
  • Select the option “cancel kindle unlimited subscription”. Click on “cancel membership”.
  • As Kindle wants its users to stay there, you will be asked to confirm your cancellation by asking the question that you want to have. You can cancel the process here, or if you still want to leave, click “cancel membership” to end the process. 
  • You will receive an email that confirms that your subscription has been cancelled. 

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited Account Through Kindle Account

Another method to cancel a Kindle subscription is on the Kindle account page. Here are a few steps you can take to cancel your Kindle membership.

  • Open the Amazon Kindle Unlimited page.
  • Sign into your Kindle account. 
  • It will open your Kindle subscription page. 
  • Find the option “cancel kindle unlimited membership”. Click on it. 
  • It will open a menu and choose the option “cancel membership.”
  • It will ask you if you want to cancel it. Confirm it by clicking on “cancel membership.”
  • You will get a notification that your subscription has been cancelled. Also, read How To Cancel Disney Plus Subscription.

Considerations Before Kindle Cancellation

We understand that sometimes cancelling Kindle is compulsory, but there are a few things that you should consider before ending your subscription. When you finish your subscription to Kindle, you lose access to all the previously borrowed books, so it is better to wait for the subscription to be finished before cancelling it. 

Kindle also does not offer refunds to the users. In most cases, you can only get the refund if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and cancel it within the first 7 days you can claim the refund. 

How To Check Whether Kindle Subscription Is Cancelled 

Kindle sends a notification to the user when they cancel the membership. But if, for some reason, you do not receive it, there are two easy ways to check whether your subscription is cancelled or not to avoid further subscription fees. 

Check the Kindle Account Page

Open on your browser. Open the Kindle Unlimited Accounts page. Here, you will find the date of the subscription. Check your end date of subscription, and you will find the last date of your Kindle subscription. So, if your account has been cancelled, Kindle will tell you that you have no account here, which means your subscription has been cancelled. Also, read How To Cancel Amazon Music.

Check Your Registered Email 

Almost all websites keep in contact with their users through emails. Kindle does the same. They inform users about every little change through email. So, if you have cancelled the subscription, remember to check your email for Kindle notifications, as they must send email notifications to you for confirmation. 

How To Avail 30-day free trial With Kindle Unlimited

Users still determining whether Kindle Unlimited suits them should avail of this 30-day free trial opportunity it offers its new users. During this time, you can access the vast digital library of Kindle Unlimited and enjoy reading ebooks, audiobook comics, and much more. But if you do not want to subscribe further, remember to cancel it before the trial period ends. Also, read How To Cancel Hulu.

Final Words

The Kindle is the best option for people who read many books every month. However, suppose you aren’t using these subscriptions due to your busy schedules or want to avoid paying additional subscription fees. In that case, cancelling them before the renewal date is a good idea. 

Kindle is a useful website, but if you abandon it because it no longer serves you, this article has covered it. You can easily cancel your Kindle subscription if you no longer want it. 

We bring you every detail you need to cancel your Kindle account. You can easily terminate your Kindle Unlimited subscription by following the abovementioned steps. 


How do I cancel my Kindle Unlimited 2023 subscription?

If you finally decide to Cancel Your Amazon Kindle Unlimited Membership in 2023, follow these steps. 

Visit Amazon’s website. Go to in a web browser and click the “Hello, sign in” button at the top of the screen.

Sign in to your account.

Navigate to the Kindle Unlimited Settings…

Choose Cancel Membership. Confirm Cancellation.

Can I cancel my Amazon Kindle Unlimited auto-subscriptions?

Yes, you are capable. You can view the next renewal date through your Memberships and Subscriptions, cancel or change your subscription settings, and turn automatic renewal on or off at any time. You can also change your payment method and account address. If you’ve been using the Kindle for a while but no longer want it, go to the subscription settings, find the auto-renewal button, and turn it off. Your automatic subscription will be terminated. You can now subscribe whenever you want. 

Can I keep Kindle books Indefinitely?

The Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s online ebook store. You can buy books here if you want to keep them forever. Or borrow books through Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service. These books can be read on a Kindle device, smartphone, or tablet.

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