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How To Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

Disney Plus is the streaming service that plays Disney content for its users. You can enjoy watching all your favourite Disney movies here. The platform plays series from other studios as well, such as Star Wars, Marvel., National Geographic, etc. All these popular programs are the reason why people subscribe to Disney Plus.

But once you have watched all your favourite series on Disney Plus and do not want to pay more subscription charges, you can quit the platform anytime. People often have various subscriptions for different purposes, and it is difficult to pay their monthly charges for all of those. It is better to leave the one that you are now least using. Disney Plus also raises its fees, making it even harder for users to keep it. That is why we bring you this article to guide you on cancelling your Disney Plus account to save money. Let’s start now. 

How To Cancel Disney Plus Account

Streaming services like Disney Plus are easy entertainment in today’s busy lives, but sometimes too many expenses make us cut on these websites to save some money. If you want to cancel your Disney pLus Account, here are the 5 ways to do it. 

You must remember that Disney allows you to cancel your subscription from the platform you subscribe to.

How To Cancel Your Disney Plus Web Browser

How To Cancel Your Disney Plus Web Browser

The Disney website is the best way to subscribe to the Disney streaming service. You just need to open your computer and do it on your browser. That is why most people prefer doing it on a desktop. The same applies to cancelling your Account; follow these steps to cancel your Disney account on the computer. 

  • Open your browser and search Disney website on it. 
  • Now log in to your Account. 
  • Click on your profile. 
  • It will open a menu with various options. Choose “Account” from the given options. 
  • Choose “subscriptions”, then tap on “Disney plus subscriptions”.
  • Select your subscription and click on the “cancel subscription” option. 
  • Disney will ask you to reconfirm your cancellation. Click on “cancel subscription” to confirm it.
  • It will ask you to tell the reason why you are cancelling the subscription. Choose one from the given option, and it will be done.  Also, read How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

How to Cancel Your Disney Plus On Android

How to Cancel Your Disney Plus On Android

When you buy a Disney subscription through the Google Play app on your Android, it is possible to cancel it on Android. Follow these steps to cancel through the Google Play Store on your Android. 

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your mobile. 
  • Click on your profile. It will open a dropdown menu. 
  • Click on “payments and subscriptions” here. Now choose “subscriptions”. 
  • It will open all your subscriptions. Choose Disney Plus and click on “cancel subscription”.

How To Cancel Your Disney Plus On iOS

Apple users can also cancel their Disney subscription on Apple devices, including iPads and iPhones. Here are the steps to cancel a subscription on an iOS device. 

  • Open Apple settings and go to your Apple ID. 
  • Click on the “subscriptions”. It will open all subscriptions, including the Disney Plus subscription. 
  • Click “Disney Plus subscription” and tap “Cancel subscription”. 

How To Cancel Disney Plus Subscription On Amazon 

Users who subscribe to Disney Plus through Amazon can cancel it on Amazon. Here is the way to do it.

  • Go to the Amazon website.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account. Search for the Accounts tab
  • Find your Account on the list. 
  • Go to the ‘Digital Content and Devices’ tab and select ‘Your Apps’.
  • Choose ‘Your Subscriptions’ from the menu.
  • Scroll down until you find Disney+, then click the ‘Cancel’ button. Your Disney Plus account will be cancelled. Also, read How To Cancel HBO Max.

How To Cancel Disney Plus Account On Roku

  • First, open the Roku website in your browser and “Sign in” to your Account.
  • Select “My Account” after clicking on your profile. 
  • Open “Manage your subscriptions.” 
  • Find Disney+ in the list and click on “Manage Subscription.” 
  • Select “Turn off auto-renewal” from the list of options.
  • To complete the cancellation, click the “Confirm Changes” button.
  • You’ll be asked for confirmation one more time. Select “Continue.”

How to Cancel a Free Trial of Disney Plus

How to Cancel a Free Trial of Disney Plus

Users who want to test out Disney Plus before purchasing a subscription can do so for free. If you want to cancel your free trial, the process is the same; make sure to cancel it before your first billing date, and you’ll be able to enjoy your trial without being charged. 

Editor’s Note

Disney Plus has emerged as the only reputable provider of Disney content. People enjoy watching their favourite Disney series here, but what if you decide to cancel it? Users are cancelling their favourite Disney Plus subscriptions due to rising prices. Disney Plus has raised its monthly subscription price to $3, making it unaffordable.

It can be difficult to change or cancel your subscribed plans, particularly if various gadgets and kinds of the same application are involved.  But this article has covered every delta for you to 

cancel your subscription Through your web browser, android, amazon or any other platform. you can easily cancel your Disney Plus membership by following the steps above. Also, read how to delete facebook groups on iphone.


Can we cancel the annual Disney Plus subscription early?

Disney offers both annual and monthly subscriptions, so you should choose the offer that best suits you. But if you choose an annual subscription and want to cancel it, it is only possible for users who subscribe through the Disney Plus website. The method to apply for early cancellation is simple. Remember, you have to pay a cancellation fee for early cancellation. All requests for early cancellation must be made with a 20-day notice period.

Why am I unable to cancel my Disney subscription?

You can cancel your Disney subscription through Disney’s streaming service anytime. If you signed up through a third-party app, you must cancel directly with the third party. If your subscription is via Amazon directly, cancel it by signing into your account. 

Does Disney Plus automatically renew my subscription?

Yes, Disney automatically renews your subscription. Depending on your subscription plan, your payment will be automatically renewed each year/month. The date you signed up for a Disney subscription will be your starting date, and Disney will renew your subscription on the same date of the next month or year until you cancel the plan. 

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