Best Practices of Typography in Mobile Web Design

Typography Mobile Web Design

The Internet has caused a worldwide revolution. With this revolution, the role of web developers has grown in importance. While developers are working to improve website readability for users, mobile typography has presented them with a new challenge. We are not mistaken when we say that we live in a mobile world where the entire world is just a touch away. Yes, these smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and we cannot ignore them.

 Mobile typography, on the other hand, is a significant challenge for developers today. It is difficult to choose the right font size without affecting its functionality and details on a small screen. That is why the content structure should be different for the mobile screens than the Desktop.

This article is for new developers attempting to make mobile typography work properly for users. You will be aware of the best typographic practices in mobile design by the end of it. Let’s get started to learn the fundamentals of mobile typography.

What Is Typography?

Typography is the process of organizing the structure and design of web content. Its purpose is to arrange the content in an appealing manner, which should be simple to read and understand. Typography is concerned with line length, line, and letter spacing, as well as the font and style of letters and numbers. Related Article, Best CSS Practices for Beginners.

Why Mobile Typography Is Essential Today

As we all know, typography aims to make web content well-structured and organized. When discussing web content, we must consider mobile devices. Because most users now open web files on mobile devices, mobile typography is essential today. 

That is why developers are concentrating on mobile typography. Written text in mobile apps should be clear and appealing to foster a strong relationship between users and websites.

Best Mobile Typography Practices

Even though mobile usage is increasing, developers can capitalize on it by employing the following practices when designing mobile apps. Here are a few critical elements that must be considered. 

How to Select a Font

Choosing the right font for the app text is crucial because small screens do not support all fonts. Font style matters alot because it determines the style of text, which should be addressed. But it does not mean that you should make it over fancy. It will appear odd on a mobile screen. Use the simple but stylish font for app text. 

Minimum Font Size

Most of the time, users interact with mobile apps while away from their homes or offices. As a result, choose the font size of mobile apps wisely. There are numerous factors that a developer should consider when selecting a font. A small screen makes it difficult to read and understand the text at times due to the incorrect font size, which should be large enough to take up all of the screen space but not so small that it hurts the eyes to read. 

Furthermore, not all mobile systems are the same. For example, Apple determines that the minimum font size for the iPhone is 16pt, whereas Google recommends 17pt. Font size varies depending on font style and shape. Some font styles look better in larger font sizes, while others look better in smaller ones.

Use the Default Font For Apps

Most brands and apps have standard fonts. Experts recommend using a single font; the best would be the one with the brand itself. Because these fonts are added based on the features of apps, giving us a solid reason to choose these fonts.

Additionally, using more than one font can cause app clutter. Mobile companies use their default fonts, such as Nokia uses Nokia pure, and Apple uses San Francisco as its single default font. Introducing something new will be detrimental.

Line Length And Spacing In Mobile Typography

Line length and spacing have an impact on the app’s text structure. If the line length is of the right size, it will be good for mobile typography. A long line with proper spacing and several characters is required to maintain a high readability score.

The ideal number of characters should be between 30 and 40. Space is very important in typography, not only between lines but also between characters and paragraphs. Related Article, Guide to Create HTML Email With Best Practices.


Kerning is the space between two characters. To keep mobile typography in good shape, keeping the proper space between two characters, like capital letters and low case letters, is critical. As a result, developers must pay close attention to the spacing between letters.

Keep Mobile Typography Headlines Short

We’ve all heard that adding catchy headlines will attract more audiences, but if they become shorter, they will only be suitable for mobile screens, which are smaller to accommodate large headlines. That is why it is preferable to keep the headline short and appealing. It should be at most two or three lines long.

Do Not Remove White Space between Text

White space between text keeps the order of the text. As a developer, if you try to use this margin or white space for adding more text, it will ruin the structure of the text.

Text Alignment

Text alignment in mobile typography is different from web typography. While creating text for mobile, choosing left-side alignment is the best choice. Left-side alignment makes it easy for the user to read from one side to another without difficulty. 

Functionality of Mobile Typograpghy

Along with shape, typography’s functionality should be noticed. What matters most is how your app functions, not how well it looks. Most users use mobile apps to buy products, book bus or plane tickets, hire a professional, and more. It emphasizes the importance of mobile apps and how they work.

Final Words

While working with other elements, mobile typography makes the text easy to read on small screens. Developers should seize the opportunity to rule the digital world by working to improve the quality and functionality of mobile typography. To achieve the best results, use recommended font sizes and line lengths. Also, keep the text simple and consistent with the brand. It will assist you in increasing the number of visitors to your website.

Naomi McCarthy
Naomi McCarthy