Best Guide to Push Notification – Best Practices, Types and Examples

Push Notification

Every day, we receive many notification messages on our mobile phones. These messages include notifications from websites for new blog posts or from brands who offer new deals or promotions. These messages are referred to as push notifications.

As a new developer, you must know these push notifications and their function in informing customers. If you are a beginner, this article is for you. You will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of push notifications and how to use these in the best way.

What Are Push Notifications?

Websites send push notifications to users or clients, informing them of new plans. These messages differ because websites send these messages after getting users’ permission. Most websites offer users to download apps and receive notifications about new promotions. That is why promotional notifications are sent to them to provide updates.

However, push notifications are different from pop-ups and sms. Pop-ups are the messages users see when they use an app or visit a website. Push notifications, on the other hand, differ from in-app notifications because these are sent to users regardless of whether the app is open or not. Users receive messages when the site needs to contact them, and they will receive a quick note.

A Brief History Of Push Notifications

iPhone pioneered push notifications through their Apple phone in 2009. Google launched its notifications service in 2010. They make changes and improve it, which was introduced in 2013 as a rich push notification. Push notifications are now available in all Android services and used by most websites. 

Types Of Push Notifications

Push notifications are of three types. Each type has different uses, which developers choose according to their website purpose. 

Transactional Notifcitaions

These notifications are sent to users to make updates. It can be about order confirmation, successful payment, shipping information, and account sign-up confirmation. 

Promotional Notifications

E-commerce websites often use this type of notification method. If a website offers a sale, it can inform its users by sending them sms or email. Receivers may need to open the sms or email at the right time. What should you do to make sure that users know it on time? Send them a push notification. They will find the right information at the right time. Both users and receivers get what they need. 

User Notifications

These notifications trigger the user to take a new action after completing a certain action. It can be about marketing campaigns or reminding the users after emailing them. These messages keep reminding the user to take the desired action. 

Why Using Push Notifications is Useful For Businesses

As we know, push notifications are helping sites and businesses increase sales. However, it is important to know the proper use of these push messages.

Boost Or Increase User Engagement

 Some companies may believe that they are already sending emails and SMS messages to their users, so what is the point of push notifications? Most users do not read sms and emails because they receive too many of them. 

As a result, the more likely it is that users will not read your email about your promotions on time, and they will miss out on the offer. Push notifications assist in reminding the user about your offer so that you can reap the benefits.

Remind Users Of Your Brand’s Events

Because of their hectic schedules, most users cannot open and read their emails. Sending them as push notifications will engage the audience and make them remember your brand events.

 It also aids in the retention of inactive users by providing them with personalized offers. Send them exclusive information about your company’s new plans to pique their interest.

 Increase The Sales

When users receive push notifications regularly, they will learn more and more about you. The more they learn about you, the more likely they will trust and buy from you. It will increase conversion rates.

How To Make Push Notifications Compelling

These push notifications are intended to catch the user’s attention and persuade them to take action. However, if the message is not engaging, all efforts are futile. Remember the following tips to persuade the user to take the desired action.

Keep The Message Short 

The goal of sending push notifications is to get the users’ attention, but long messages will bore them. It is recommended that these messages should be at most 90 characters. 

Keep your messages brief and to the point so that customers understand what you want to convey.

Content Should be Engaging 

Create engaging content by being creative. You can use images to draw the recipient’s attention. Add an appealing and attention-grabbing headline. Messages with catchy headlines entice the reader to read the entire message. 

The message body follows the headline. It should have an answer to the user’s problem because that is why they are here to find a solution. Try adding your new subscription offers or upcoming sales so that users get prepared to take advantage of the offers.

Add Clear CTA

The call to action (CTA) is the most important part of push notifications, so it should be clear and strong. CTA is important because you share information about your offer with users by sharing compelling content, but telling them to take action is of more importance.

 Because your efforts will only be useful if users understand how to take advantage of this offer, short phrases can help you make it more convincing.

Things To Avoid While Sending Push Notifications

Do Not Send Too Many Notifications 

Sending too many push notifications can be enough to undo your hard work because a constant barrage of notifications can cause users to abandon your site and unsubscribe or block your notifications.

Notifications Should not be sent at odd Hours

Developers find it simple to send automated messages to subscribers. However, if sent at inconvenient times, this could be unpleasant to users. Choose a time when your audience can easily check the notifications; chances are they will take the necessary action immediately.

Wrapping Up

Push notifications are an excellent tool for marketing. Because it is the quickest and easiest way to connect with users, all of the tips discussed above will benefit you if you are a new developer. 

Remember to use the push notifications correctly and at the appropriate times. It will result in the most clicks and purchases.

Naomi McCarthy
Naomi McCarthy

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