Best Sites Like eBay (Updated 2024)

Sites Like eBay

EBay has been the most popular marketplace since 2015, as thousands of users visit eBay daily to buy and sell many products. Although this is the most trusted website for online buying and selling things. Today, it is not the only website for this purpose. Many good websites provide a platform to buy and sell things online in an even better way. These websites are good alternatives to eBay. If you are reading this article, you must be looking for sites that can be an alternative to eBay. Here are a few of the best sites that we ring to you after doing research thoroughly; 

Why You Should Look For eBay Alternatives

No doubt eBay has been the best choice for buying and selling any product, but some loopholes make it compulsory to look for alternatives. Sellers prefer websites that charge a lower percentage of sales. People do not want eBay because it takes a large percentage of their sales. Many websites offer easy methods to do online business, like Amazon. Amazon is more popular than any other online shopping site because, unlike eBay, Amazon allows you to launch your brand and sell it on their platform. So, it provides an opportunity for new sellers to choose Amazon over eBay. eBay also emphasizes its auction system, which is also not suitable for all sellers. So it is compulsory to find some good online sites for your business. Also, read How To Charge Apple Pencil.

Best Websites Like eBay

1: Amazon


When we talk about e-commerce, Amazon is the first name that comes to our mind. Amazon has become the world’s biggest platform for online buying and selling. Users trust Amazon due to its user-friendly interface. Amazon covers half of the e-commerce market. eBay is a smaller website than Amazon, which makes it a better choice than its competitors. 

Amazon is an ideal platform for all brands, sellers, and resellers. The best part is that it is available worldwide, allowing you to sell your products to many countries via Amazon.  Amazon helps to sell anything, from electronic goods like mobile phones and laptops to daily use of small products like t-shirts, etc.  Amazon’s FBA program is helpful for sellers as in this program, Amazon takes the responsibility to deliver your products to the customer doors within the given time. 

Visit Website: Amazon

2: Walmart


If you live in the USA, you must have been to the  Walmart stores as they have big chains of physical stores all around the USA. It is the biggest retailer and is also growing its online business. Walmart is also an alternative to eBay and is growing in the online marketplace. Walmart customers can find a wide variety of products in both their online and physical stores. Walmart offers most of its products under its private label. 

One of Walmart’s primary benefits is that they have physical stores. Their rapid growth is making them even better than Amazon. It is also known for quick deliveries as they have a chain of physical stores, so it is easy to deliver items to the customers even in a single day. Walmart Marketplace, which is rapidly expanding is a popular option for third-party sellers.  Walmart charges a referral fee ranging from 8 to 15% for each sale. 

Visit Website: Walmart

3: Etsy


Etsy is a well-known e-commerce platform. The website, which launched in 2005, now sells products to over 96 million users and has over 7.5 million active sellers. The website is an excellent alternative to eBay.  Even though it was originally founded to sell aircraft and vintage products in Brooklyn, New York. However, it also sells a variety of other products. If you are looking for antique pieces for your new home or office, there is no better place than Etsy. Etsy sells various types of handmade arts and crafts and vintage items. Also, read Best Sites Like Airbnb.

Visit Website: Etsy

4: Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is similar to eBay as it sells used items. Yes, you heard right, Facebook is a social media platform and is used by millions of users for communication purposes. Today, it is popular among sellers as it has proved to be a successful marketplace. Facebook Marketplace, like eBay, allows users to sell used items. Sellers list the items they wish to sell on the platform. 

Facebook Marketplace provides professional sellers with features such as Facebook Checkout, which allows them to operate a successful eCommerce store that mostly runs on its own.

The best thing about Facebook is that it is used all over the world, so people everywhere use FB Marketplace to list their items for sale. While it is not as popular as eBay or Amazon, Facebook Marketplace is gaining attraction in the eCommerce world. However, to take advantage of Facebook’s high traffic, you should consider listing your items and selling them on the Market.

Visit Website: Facebook marketplace

5: Gumtree – Free Classifieds Site


Gumtree is a UK-based website for selling items online. It is an alternative to eBay as an online marketplace. This website allows users to sell any product here. So, if you live in the UK and want to sell or buy products ranging from home decor to property, you can join Gumtree.   Anyone who wants to run a business here can easily join it. It is a good option for those sellers who do not want to pay huge sums to websites. Gumtree does not charge expensive monthly fees. There is no account approval process as well.  Although this website is a good place to buy or sell products, it is still growing as it does not have enough users. Also, read How To Record A Zoom Meeting.

Visit Website: Gumtree

6: eBid – Online Auction Marketplace


Ebid is another website in the list of eBay competitors. eBid is an online marketplace that offers auctions and fixed-price products. There are nearly three million items for sale across a variety of product categories. Ebid works differently because the products here are both auctioned and also have a fixed price. Third-party sellers list their products on the website, and anyone can purchase them.  Buyers can create a free account on Ebid and purchase products. Sellers can choose between silver and gold accounts based on the amount of fees they can pay.  The reason we should prefer ebid over eBay is that it is cheaper. You can sell both new and used products here. Also, read How To Transfer Music From iTunes to iPhone.

Visit Website: Ebid



Wish is a good eBay alternative that is known for its low-cost products.’s audience is mostly from Western countries where people look for inexpensive items. Many of its goods are sourced from China, and the prices are extremely low. It is a good website for people looking for less expensive goods and who do not need their orders right away. Because the shipping process is relatively slow here. 

However, this is an amazing online site for buying and selling daily used items at extremely low prices. It is a good place for new sellers who want to promote their brands. It works for an international audience and has over 300 million users worldwide. It is an incredibly useful site for sellers as it does not ask for monthly subscription fees and also helps its sellers by offering in-app promotions and analytic tools that increase sales. 

Visit Website: Wish

8: Bonanza


Bonanza is another good alternative to Eba. Although it is a new e-commerce site and less owned by users. It is a great place for sellers who want a different place than eBay to sell their products without a listing price. As Bonanza does not ask for any monthly charges, it is also ideal for startups. The website only charges sellers a commission when items sell.

It is a unique website because it promotes product listings to Google to advertise your goods, giving you a better chance of selling than with eBay. It is also a suitable place for selling odd products online. Bonanza hit the target audience directly, so it is a great place for sellers with a unique product.

Visit Website: Bonanza

Editor’s Note

It is critical to select the appropriate website for online sales.  This is only possible when you get the appropriate direction to establish your e-commerce business. In this article, we provide several good alternative websites for you to choose from.  Examine the options presented above and determine which platform best suits the size of your company, immediate and intermediate goals, and current budget.


Is eBay better than Etsy?

eBay offers a broader range of products, making it a more versatile marketplace for merchants. However, if you intend to market your goods to particular consumers, you might achieve better results on Etsy, especially if you sell handmade, vintage, items. 

Who is the most popular online seller?

 Amazon is the world’s largest and most popular market. It operates in over 20 countries and has over 300 million subscribers.  So it is a great place for sellers who want to reach an audience worldwide. 

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