How To Charge Apple Pencil In 3 Steps

How To Charge Apple Pencil

Apple pencil is the most used iOS accessory that is not ony useful but also handy. iPad and iPhone users love using Apple pencils but while on the go you need to keep it charged. Charging your Apple pencil is not a big deal for many users but few need help with it. This article is all about telling you methods to charge your Apple pencil in the right ways. We will discuss the process in detail here. But before we start discussing it we must tell you that there are different ways to charge first-generation and second-generation Apple pencils. 

What Is The Difference Between First-Generation And Second Generation Apple Pencils

Both First and Geb=nrtaoon Apple pencils are compatible with their relative iPhones. But there is a difference between both. The first generation Apple Pencil hit the market in 2015, and the second generation stylus debuted in 2018. The second-generation Apple Pencil is more functional, unique, and modern than the previous version. 

The latest version of the stylus is practically designed to improve its functionality. It has a matte surface and flat edge and some additional minor changes to make the user experience as seamless as practicable. It is better in the sense that it offers a wireless charging feature which makes it distinctive. The second-generation Apple Pencil charges via a wireless Bluetooth connection, as opposed to the first generation’s built-in connector. Also, read Best Alternatives To Airbnb.

How To Charge First Generation Apple Pencil

There are three methods to charge an apple pencil. You can choose any method you like. 

First method

First, open the lightning connector by removing the cap from the Apple pencil and plugging it into your device connector. This method is only for an iPad with a lightning port. It will take 10 minutes to charge an apple pencil. 

Second Method

There is another method to use a USB power adapter. Any USB adapter or iPhone charger can also be used to charge the Apple pencil. You need the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter. You find this adapter with your Apple pencil. First, remove the adapter cap and connect it to both the stylus and the lightning cable. You’ll need a USB-C to Apple Pencil adapter to charge an Apple Pencil with an iPad. Plug your 1st-Gen Apple Pencil into one end of the adapter. subsequently, connect the other end to your iPad 10th generation via the USB-C cable for charging. 

Third Method 

Apart from the above methods, there is another method to charge apple pencils. You can use an iPhone to charge it as well. Although Apple pencils aren’t designed for iPhones it is not recommended to charge them regularly because it can damage the phone battery. But you can use it if there is no other option. To charge your Apple pencil with the iPhone first open the cap of the Apple Pencil and plug it into the charging port of the iPhone. This method is slower and requires more time to charge an Apple pencil.  It is also not possible to determine whether the Apple Pencil is charging or not.  However, you can check it by connecting the Apple Pencil to an iPad via Bluetooth and viewing the Apple Pencil’s battery status on your iPad. Also, read How To Delete Wallpaper on iPhone.

How to Charge Apple Pencil 2

Apple pencil comes into the market with many good changes. It is much easier to use and charging it is also easy. You dont need any connectors or cables to charge a second-generation Apple pencil. It is easy to charge with your compatible iPads without any wires. Here are the steps to change Apple pencil 2. 

First, open your iPad and enable Bluetooth on it. 

Then, when your iPad is in landscape mode, attach the Apple Pencil to the top of the device, below its volume buttons. This allows you to link your Apple Pencil with your iPad.

A small pop-up will show you the charging process on your iPad and the current charge level. It will take 10 minutes to charge your Apple pencil. Once it is done remove it from the iPad. 

How To Check Charging Status On Apple Pencil 1

You can check the Apple Pencil 1 battery level by using your iPad. Go to the settings of your iPad and choose the icon Apple pencil on the left side of the bar. Click on the Apple pencil to open it. It will open the icon and show the battery level. 

How To Check Charging Status On Apple Pencil 2

It is easy to check the charging status of a second-generation Apple pencil. Once you attach it to your iPad for charging a small popup with a message of charging appears on the screen. It does not show that the process has been started but also shows the battery status you can repeat the charging process to see the battery status of your Apple pencil. There is also another way to check it. 

  • Open settings on your iPad.
  • Select Apple pencil here.
  • It will show the current battery level of your Apple pencil.

Add Battery Widget To iPad

Touch your iPad home screen and hold it until the icons start to move around. Tap the “+” icon in the upper-left corner. Now go to the search bar and type batteries here. To add the widget to the home screen, select the desired size and tap Add Widget. You can also do it by drag and drop option.  Adding a widget saves you time by eliminating the need to return to the settings and check the battery level repeatedly. Even when your Apple Pencil is not in use, you can see its charging status.  Another advantage of adding a widget is that you can see not only the battery level of your stylus but also the battery level of any device you’ve linked to the iPad. Also, read Best Sites Like eBay.

Editor’s Note

IPad users love using a stylus while texting or doing any other research work. It is both an easy and quick way to do it. But one thing that often happens is that sometimes we forget to charge our Apple pencil. It happens because some people do not know the right way to charge it or check the battery status of their stylus. In today’s article we discussed the methods to check the battery of your Apple pencil for both first and scorn generations. Both first and  the second-  generation stylus are useful and can be charged quickly if you use the above-mentioned methods to do it. The only difference is that first-generation Apple pencils need a cable to charge it while connecting to the iPad to charge it while the second-generation stylus is wireless and can be changed using Bluetooth. 


Why isn’t my Apple Pencil charging?

Sometimes our Apple Pencil does not connect to the iPad. If your Apple Pencil is not charging or connecting to your iPad, there could be a problem with your Bluetooth. You can turn Bluetooth on and off, or re-pair your Apple Pencil with your device. Be sure to update your iPad to the most recent version.

How long does it take to charge an Apple Pencil fully?

The charging time of the Apple Pencil can be different and depends on the method you use to charge it. A healthy Pencil battery will charge completely in 15-20 minutes after being fully discharged. A few seconds of charging from the iPad provides approximately 15 minutes of active use. Charging the Pencil from a Power Adapter, using the adapter that came with it, will take longer. Also, read How To Transfer iTunes Music To iPhone.

Can the Apple Pencil be charged wirelessly?

Yes, the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation can be charged via Bluetooth and Magnetic Wireless Charging Design. There’s no requirement for a data cable to charge; just pair Bluetooth and connect to the iPad. it will start charging without any cable. 

Naomi McCarthy
Naomi McCarthy