What Is Wave Browser & How To Uninstall It!

What Is Wave Browser

Are you curious about wave browsers and why they are installed on your computer? Before we explore it, one thing should be clear: the wave browser Wave is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It has been installed Without the user’s knowledge. Even though it is not a virus, it can be harmful to your device. So, you should remove it before it can damage your device’s privacy.  Although we do not always install it, there is a way to remove it. 

This potentially unwanted program can collect your personal information, such as browsing and search history. It can also install promotions as well as ad-supported browser plug-ins. Let’s find out what Wave Browser is, how it works, and how to uninstall it and prevent it from future attacks. 

How Do We Install A Wave Browser?

Wave browser is a browser that we sometimes install intentionally. Still, if it is there without our knowledge, it means that it has been downloaded with a program that you downloaded previously. Because many antivirus tools do not detect Wave browser as a harmful program, it remains there without even realizing its presence. Whatever the reason, if you have a Wave browser, you should be aware of its uses and drawbacks. 

Downloading and removing Wave Browser takes a few easy steps to follow. If you want a browsing tool, you can download the Wave browser on your computer for this purpose. After installing many antivirus tools on your computer, they warn you about the installation of an unwanted program. The reason is Wave Browser tricked you into installing many extensions with it by going to your device’s settings. These extensions may be harmful to your computer. Today, many antivirus tools recognize wave browsers as malicious programs and detect them. It is up to you to decide whether you want it or not. Also, read How To Clear Google Search History in Google Chrome App.

How Does A wave Browser Operate?

Once Wave Browser has been installed on your computer, it works like any other search engine. You will browse websites and make searches like you do in other Chromium-based browsers. But in fact, this is different. Web browser is not like your standard browsers. It works for its commission. Yes, you heard right. Wave browser works for its benefits. It earns for your clicks from advertising websites. So, the more users will have wave browsers on their program, the more commission it will make. Another drawback of having a Wave browser in your program is that it attacks our privacy. It is harmful to your privacy and may cause you big damage by keeping your data unsafe for online spammers. 

Is Wave Browser Safe?

The Wave browser is not a secure app for your devices. It can harm your gadgets and your privacy by displaying malicious advertisements or redirecting you to fake websites. 

The Wave browser is not malicious software. However, It does not spread like a virus and does not directly infect your device. But it keeps your website unsafe by giving it access to harmful websites. 

How To Uninstall Wave Browser

Unfortunately, unlike its installation, it is not as easy to uninstall Wave browser from your computer. You have to remove every single program file or folder from your computer to get rid of it. If a single file remains there, Wave Browser will reinstall itself easily. If you are looking to delete Wave Browser from your computer permanently, Here are the ways to do it on various devices. 

How To Delete Wave Browser On Windows

On your Windows computer, you have to open installed apps to find all the programs on your computer. You will find all installed programs, including the Wave browser. 

Here, you will find the three dots icon. Click on the three dots to remove the unwanted downloads. 

Now click on the Windows taskbar to open the task manager. Here, you will find all the programs running on your computer.

Select all the wave browser files and click on the open file location. 

You will reach the wave browser folder. Now click on delete to delete all the files. 

Now, end the process by clicking on the end task. 

You have to repeat the deleting process twice to remove everything related to the Wave browser. Press the “R” key along with the Windows key to open the “Run” window. 

Enter “regedit” into the empty field and click “Ok.”

Now open the search option, type wave, and click on find to look for any file left Related to wave browser.

Now, remove all the files left in your editor. So that everything from the wave browser is clear. Also, read Best Canva Alternatives.

How To Uninstall Wave Browser On Android

Wave browser can be installed on your Android phone from the Google Play Store. But if you want to remove it from your Android, here are the ways to do it. 

Open the wave browser on a mobile phone. Click and hold on it. 

A menu will appear. Choose the “uninstall” icon. 

Then click on the “ok” button.

It will uninstall the Wave browser from your Android phone. 

You can confirm uninstallation by running an antivirus scan on your smartphone. 

How to Uninstall Wave Browser On iPhone 

Wave browser can be installed on your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. If you need to uninstall it, it is possible to do it in a few steps. 

Find Wave Browser on your iPhone. Hold it to open a menu in it. You wil find “remove app” here. Click on “Remove the app.”

Now click on “delete app” to confirm the app removal.

It will remove the Wave browser app from your iPhone. Also, read How To Clear Cache on iPhone.

How To Uninstall Wave A Browser on Mac

If you are a Mac user, it is possible to install and uninstall Wave browser on your Mac. You can uninstall this app by following these steps. 

In the taskbar, select the Finder icon.

Select “Applications” from the open menu. There will be a list of software. Locate and right-click on the Wave browser. Choose “Move to bin.”

Select “Empty bin.” to remove it permanently from your device. 

How To Protect Your Device From Wave Browser

Wave browser is easy to uninstall by using the methods mentioned above, but the best way is to prevent it from downloading to your devices. Here are the steps to protect your gadgets from Wave browser. 

Install a Good Antivirus On your Device

A good antivirus can protect your device from not only viruses but also from wave browsers. Fastest VPN is a good option for preventing wave browser attacks on your computer or mobile phone. 

Do Not Click On Unknown Links

Most of the time, we do not download Wave browser on our devices. It comes indirectly by hiding under any software. Don’t click on random links to prevent wave browser attacks. 

Install Ad-blockers In your device, installing an ad-blocker helps you avoid clicking on unknown ads. FastestVPN includes an ad-blocker feature that prevents ads from constantly appearing.

Keep Your System Software Updated

Always keep your device and software up to date. It contains security holes, along with other issues. It aids in preventing attacks on wave browsers. Also, read How To Hard Reset Apple Watch.

Editor’s View

Most malware software can impact your device badly by affecting the performance of its legitimate programs. Wave browser is one of these software. Once it’s installed, it takes time to obliterate it. In this article, we discussed ways to uninstall Wave browser on your Windows and smartphones. But, it is important to prevent your device from entering your gadgets as it can reinstall itself if only a single file is left on your device. The Wave browser can be renamed and relaunched on the web. As a result, it’s critical to be cautious in the future to avoid downloading the Wave browser. 


What is the purpose of the Wave browser?

The Wave browser behaves like other Chromium-based browsers. You can use it to search for and open websites just like any different browser. However, the search function and its results are going to help the Wave browser and harm your device by keeping it open to harmful viruses. 

Is it possible to uninstall Wavebrowser?

It can be challenging to uninstall Wave Browser completely. However, you can do so by adhering to the guidelines. Navigate to the Control Panel, select Wave Browser, then click Uninstall. Make certain that all linked files and folders are deleted. You can also use an antivirus to scan your devices. 

Naomi McCarthy
Naomi McCarthy