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How To Clear Google Search History

Google has become our strongest ally when finding answers to our queries or researching anything online. It is the most trustworthy search engine, and we depend much on it in our daily life searches. However, with its ease, google becomes a problem if we do not clear our search history. We usually only know how important it is to check our Google search history once we face hackers and online advertising companies peeking inside our privacy. Yes, advertisers and marketers want to attract their target audience by closely examining their search history, which only some people like. Another reason to keep our search history clear is to protect our data and privacy from hackers. So, if you are concerned about your search history and want to eliminate it, you must stay here. Today’s article will discuss how to keep your browsing history clear.

How To Clear Your Search History

Clearing our search history is a simple task. However, you must know how if you do it for the first time. Moreover, it is possible to delete your Google search history on Windows computers, Android, and iPhones in different ways. Let’s find out how we can do this on various devices. Also, read How To Take Screenshots on Mac Using Mac Shortcuts.

How To Clear Search History On Windows

How To Clear Search History On Windows

Windows users can easily clear their search data from Google search engines by following these steps:

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer. 
  • Now click on the three dots to open the option menu. 
  • You will find various options in the open menu. Choose the option “History”. 
  • Choose “clear browsing data” to view all your search history details.
  • Here, you can clear all your data or choose manually and decide which data you want to delete permanently. 
  • When you decide, click on the “clear data” option to delete your search history, and it will be done. 

How To Clear Search History On Android

How To Clear Search History On Android

Unlike Windows users Android, users need to delete their search history differently. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Google search app on your Android phone.
  • Your profile will open, and tap on your profile picture. It will open a menu with options. Click on manage your account.  
  • Next, Click on “search history.” Your Google search history will appear. 
  • Choose the delete option to open a menu. 
  • It will give you a few delete options. You can choose your required options. 
  • If you want to delete all your search history, select “delete all time.” 
  • It will clear all your Google search history. Also, read Best Z-Library Alternatives.

How To Clear Google Search History in Google Chrome App On iPhone and Android

Use these steps when deleting your search history in the Google Chrome app. 

  • First, open Chrome on Your iPhone or Android. 
  • Tap on three dots to open the menu. 
  • A menu with various options will appear. Click on “history” to reach your search history in Chrome. 
  • Two options will appear, “clear browsing history” and “clear browsing data.”
  • A dialogue box lets you choose which data to delete, including browsing history. Ensure “Browsing history” is selected to delete only your search history.
  • It allows you to choose the duration range for which you want the data deleted. If you want to delete your history, select “All time.”
  • To begin the deletion process, tap the “Clear data” button.
  • All your search history will be deleted. 

How To Delete Google Search History Automatically

Chrome users can autodelete their search history by enabling the automatic deletion function. 

  • First, open Chrome in your web browser. 
  • Click on the “Web and App Activity” page 
  • Select the Auto-delete option and click Next.
  • Now, look for the ‘Auto Delete’ option. The function is turned off by default. You have to activate it.
  • Select your auto-delete choice and click Confirm.

What happens when your Google search history is deleted and disabled?

It’s critical to understand the implications of deleting your Google search history. Google customizes your search results by default according to your search. So, if you search for vehicle websites more than any other, Google will place these websites higher on your search results page. That can be helpful as we get updates about new websites related to our search. But it can be unbearable at you can clear your search history to avoid it. 

Clearing your Google search history will make your search results even broader. You will no longer be restricted to your most searched websites anymore. However, turning off your search history does not make you invisible to Google. as you continue to use your Google account to access various Google apps and services like Gmail and YouTube. Also, read Best Canva Alternatives.

Why It Is Vital To Clear Your Search History

Keeping track of your online activities is critical. Nothing is safe on the internet. Online hackers and abusers are currently busy stealing people’s personal information and often use it to blackmail them. Incidents of online privacy threats are becoming increasingly common these days. However, there are numerous ways to stay safe online. To begin, you should carefully examine your browser. 

Although there are various search engines, Google is the most used. It saves everything you search for in the browser on its server. Google is said to spy on its users and collect and share data with marketing companies. These marketing firms use our data to target advertisements. As a result, it is critical to delete our search history to prevent these companies from invading our privacy. 

Final Words

Controlling your Google search history is an important step toward protecting your online privacy. It is critical to be proactive in managing this information and ensuring it does not fall into the hands of those who should not have it. In the preceding article, we looked at how to delete your Google search history from web browsers and mobile apps. It is a simpler process and can be executed easily by anyone without any technical knowledge, whether using an Android or iOS device or Windows computer; therefore, take responsibility for your online privacy by following the instructions in this guide. Clearing your search history regularly will secure sensitive information and provide peace of mind as you get around the vast internet landscape. Remember that it is your responsibility to protect our data. 


How do I clear my Android search history?

If you want to clear your search data on your Android phone, here’s how to do it 

Open the Chrome app on your smartphone.

Tap More in the upper right corner.

Select History…

Select Clear browsing data.

Following “Time range:” Select the dates to clear parts of your history.

Click on “Browsing history.”

Uncheck the data you do not want to delete.

Select Clear data.

Who has access to my search history?

Only internet service providers, hackers, the government, and search engines can collect your data. All these have different reasons for collecting your data. It includes Tracking, censorship, and specialized marketing. Also, read What Is Wave Browser.

Why can’t I get rid of my Google search history?

Although it is simple to clear all search history, your device could have an issue if it does not work. Or if your Google Chrome needs to be updated. If you cannot do so, Check that your internet connection is stable. Reload the page to see if that resolves the problem. If you’re using antivirus software, turn it off for a while and try again.

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Naomi McCarthy

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