How to Reset Apple Watch

How to Reset Apple Watch

When you need to remove all of your Apple Watch data and apps, you must reset it. If you want to unpair and restore it from your iPhone, you can do it easily. But still, there is some problem in unpairing and resetting it; this article is for you. We will show different ways to remove all your watch data and reset it for better usage. 

Why We Need to Reset Apple Watch 

Each user’s reason for resetting an Apple Watch will be different. Sometimes, we need to remove all media, applications, data, and settings from the device to sell it or improve our watch usage. Whatever the reason, we will show you how to unpair and reset your Apple Watch. Apple Watch is easy to reboot by going to its default settings. 

How To Reset Apple Watch

To reset your Apple Watch, open the settings app, go to General, click the reset button to remove all content on the device, enter the Watch’s password, and finally, choose to erase all. This technique restores the clock to factory settings but does not back up the device. Connect the watch to a charger, then press the power button until the power menu appears, then hold down the crown of the clock until the option to rest appears, and then choose reset itself.

Follow these steps to reset the Apple Watch that is paired with your mobile. 

  • Open the My Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Choose the Watch that must be reset.
  •  For that Watch, go to General. 
  • Tap to reset the Watch and choose to delete to remove the selected Watch’s content and settings. The process will create an automatic backup of your watch data. Also, read How To Uninstall Wave Browser.

How To Hard Reset Apple Watch

If the above method fails to reset your Watch, there is another option. In such cases, a hard reset is required. Follow the steps below to learn how to restore your Apple Watch to factory settings.

Step 1: Gently grasp the Watch to gain easy access to the Home and Side buttons.

Step 2: Press and hold both buttons for approximately ten seconds or until the screen turns off and the Watch restarts.

When performing a hard reset, keep in mind that you have a backup of your data, which could include any media, settings, data, messages, or anything else, because you will lose all of your data if you reset your watch this way. When you have a backup, you can recover it after restarting your Watch. 

How To Unpair Apple Watch

If you have decided to reset your Watch by unpairing it, Apple has made it easier for its users. Now, you can easily unpair your smart wristwatch and reboot it for the best performance; you can easily do it in a few easy steps. 

Unpair Your Apple Watch From Your iPhone And Reset 

If your smartwatch is paired with your iPhone, the first thing you should do is unpair it. It is the most efficient method of unpairing and setting the Apple watch; keep your iPhone near the watch during the process. 

Find the smartwatch app on your iPhone. Open it, and a menu will appear before you. Tap on the icon with “i”. It will open another menu bar with various options. Choose “unpair Apple watch” and click on it. Enter your Apple ID for the process to continue. It will disconnect your iPhone from your Watch. The process will be quicker and take a few minutes. All the data from your watch will be removed. Once the process is complete, you need to reset your Apple watch and make a new account. Also, read How to Manage Your iPhone’s Storage.

Remove Apple Watch Data

While unpairing your Apple watch from your iPhone, it deletes all the data, but sometimes it does not happen. So, you need to remove all data manually by following these steps. 

Open your Apple watch settings by clicking on its grey icon. Navigate to the option “general,” then choose “reset.” You will find the option “erase all data’ here. Click on it to delete your data. By clicking on it, your data will be erased, and your wristwatch will be in factory settings. 

Remember, if your Watch is attached to the iPhone, you will have to choose the option between connecting or disconnecting it from the phone. Your Watch is now unpaired and cleaned. You can reset it again. 

How To Turn off Apple Watch

If you need to turn off your Apple Watch for maintenance or other reasons, follow our instructions on how to do so.

First, navigate to the side button on your watch.

Hold down the side button.

Now slide the power off slider to the right in watchOS 8 and earlier. 

Tap the power icon button in the top right corner of watchOS 9, then slide the power off slider to the right.

If the side button fails to function properly, you can force the gadget to restart.

How To Turn on Apple Watch

Now, you need to turn on your Apple watch. For this purpose, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo shows up.

If it does not power on, it is possible that it is not charged. Put your Watch on the charger to get the power.

If it does not charge, try a different outlet and charger if possible.

Use the original charger that came with your Watch,

Make certain that your watch and charger are both clean.

If the battery is extremely low, a red lightning bolt will appear, which will turn green once charging begins.

Allow at least 30 minutes for your Apple Watch to charge. Also, read How To Copy And Paste on Mac.

How To Silence Apple Watch

People usually want to avoid keeping their Watch on the ring as it can be disturbing. It is better to keep your Watch on vibrate only, and for that purpose, you need to mute the alert. There are four different ways to silence your Apple watch. 

Mute Your Apple Watch

You can mute all the audio on your Apple watch by using these steps. 

Go to the watch control center.

You will find various options here. Choose the bell icon to turn off all the sounds. If you want to unmute it later, you can tap on it again, and it will be turned on. 

You will only receive sounds, such as ringing alarms and timers, if you do so. If you want to turn off these hepatic alarms, go to the Watch’s settings app and turn off all alerts. 

Turn on Do Not Disturb

When you turn on the Do Not Disturb feature on your Watch, you wil not receive any calls or notifications. 

To turn on the option, navigate to the control center. And Click on the crescent-like moon icon.

 Choose an option to specify how long this feature will be active. You can see the moon icon on the Watch until you turn off the do not disturb option. Also, read Best Omegle Alternative.

Turn On Theatre Mode

It is another way to mute your Apple watch. Turning on theatre mode on the Watch will also activate silence mode on the Apple watch. 

Go to the control centre on the Apple watch. ‘

Click on the mask’s face icon. 

It will turn on the theatre mode. You can see the icon on your Watch until the theatre mode is on. 

Your Watch will remain silent for all the notifications except the hepatic reports. 

How To Mute Incoming Call

When you are in an important meeting and receive a call on your smartwatch, it sounds odd. To mute the incoming call can save you here. 

Cover to Mute should be enabled by going to the Watch iPhone app, tapping the My Watch tab, and then selecting Sounds & Haptics. Set the Cover to Mute.

Cover the display till you feel a tap to silence a coming notification.

Editor’s Note

Whether you are going to sell your smartwatch or want to make it work better, you have to unpair it and reset it. Resetting an Apple watch is not a time-taking action, but you need to do it properly. The first thing you should do is to keep a backup of all your watch data so that you may not lose it, as when we reset it, it goes to the factory setting, which means you will have nothing when you restart it/. All the techniques mentioned above are tried and tested. You can choose the one to unpair your Watch and reset it with better performance. 


How do I put my Apple Watch to sleep?

If you are unable to turn off your Apple Watch or if the problem persists, you may need to force it to reset. To move a restart, press and hold both the side button and the Digital Crown at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

How do I put my Apple Watch into recovery mode?

  • Keep your iPhone on.
  • Place your Apple Watch on its charger.
  • Double-click the side button on your Watch.
  • Follow the instructions on your iPhone. to complete the process.
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