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11 Useful VS Code Extensions for Front-End Developers

A source code editor for creating contemporary web apps is called Visual Studio Code. It is an open-source, free editor. It provides a variety of extensions that can be applied to the creation of web applications. It is one of the most powerful source code editors and offers facilities like IntelliSense code completion and debugging to make life easier for developers. 

The Visual Studio Marketplace offers a huge selection of extensions. This article examines what are the main reasons behind Visual Studio Code popularity and also guides us about useful VS Code extensions for front-end programming, ranging from excellent productivity boosters to advanced debugging helpers.

So, Let’s begin, without further ado!

Why Visual Studio Code extensions are so popular for Front-end developers?

In addition to this fantastic quality, Visual Studio Code includes a ton of other features that contribute to its popularity.

  • A programming tool called IntelliSense offers intelligent completions based on imported modules, function definitions, and variable types. For instance, before developers have finished typing a certain function, Intellisense has already presented them with a number of alternatives. They don’t even have to finish writing everything, so it saves them a lot of time. 
  • Debugging: Everybody despises bugs, especially those that bite forcefully and itch. Virtual bugs (errors) are frustrating and its excellent debugging capabilities enable developers to write clean code.
  • Open-source: The VS Code’s open-source nature is an unmatched benefit. It implies that you can contribute to its improvement in addition to the fact that the software is free to use.
  • Marketplace for Extensions: in the VS Code extension marketplace developers can find what they need here. Is a Python extension required? One exists! If they require Java language support? Numerous options as well! The list keeps on. Additionally, a lot of these extensions are free.

Useful VS Code Extensions for Front-End Developers

1: JavaScript (ES6) code Snippets

This is the top VS Code extension for JavaScript developers.js. A lightweight library extension, this line of code binds all common JavaScript calls. The complete code is instantly printed in the developer’s editor whenever they enter a shortcode. The addon also supports HTML, Reactjs, and TypeScript, which further improves the situation. In addition, it offers class helpers, method triggers, and import/export functionality.

2: ESLint

 One of the finest tools for developers to identify some coding flaws up front is ESLint Linting. This plugin not only works to identify problems but also to automatically fix certain of them. You can analyze your JavaScript code with this extension and correct any mistakes you find. Installing and editing your JS code will allow you to correct the issues identified.

3: Path IntelliSense 

In front-end development, we deal with various imports, and occasionally it might be more difficult to achieve right syntax, necessitating repeated digging to create a proper path in the code. 

This extension is used to give you suggestions for a project’s file paths. This will be useful when working on a project that contains a lot of files.

4: Gitlens 

You can see who updated which line of code in your web application by using the GitLens addon. Simply by clicking! This is one way that it makes navigating through history simply because you can now view all the changes at once with this wonderful tool rather than having to navigate back and forth between pages or screens to find specific changes.

5: Live Server

With the help of this extension, a local development server may be started with a live page reload feature for both static and dynamic pages. Simply making the changes in Visual Studio Code and saving the file eliminates the need to preview the changes made to your source code. Instead of us manually refreshing the browser page, this will automatically reload it to reflect the changes you have made.

6: Better Comments

Programming relies heavily on comments, without which it is impossible to comprehend your own or other people’s code.

With the help of this extension, you may organize comments by highlighting text, queries, to-dos, errors/warnings, and strikethroughs so that they are simple to read while reviewing the project later on.

7: Chrome Debugger

This extension is used to debug JavaScript code on webpages created in the Visual Studio Code environment using the Google Chrome browser. For debugging JavaScript code, this extension is a lot more practical than the Chrome console. Install the extension first, and then configure the launch.json parameters for debugging the specific webpage you wish to look into.

8: Project Manager

Sometimes we work on several projects at once and need to open several projects in various directories. As it enables numerous projects in the sidebar, this extension saves the day. The availability of Remote Projects makes working remotely more convenient.

9: Visual Studio IntelliCode

This extension offers AI support for a variety of languages, including Python, JavaScript, and Java. Various JavaScript frameworks, including Angular, React, and Next.js, are supported. If the language you are writing on supports it, it will automatically complete the procedure or code.

10: Code Runner 

Do you want to execute a certain piece of code without any setup? If you have this extension, you can accomplish it. 

Run JavaScript code files or code snippets with the Code Runner extension. Although it supports different programming languages and can only execute one code snippet, it is fairly comparable to Quokka.

11: Quokka

This is the most wonderful VSCode extension. It is a productivity tool for developers that enable quick JavaScript and TypeScript prototyping. As you input your code, runtime values are updated and shown next to it in your IDE.

Any code you write will display the outcome instantly. Instead of testing JavaScript code in the browser console, this extension allows users to test it directly in the Visual Studio Code editor.


The VS code extension has advanced considerably to rank among the most widely used by programmers. Thanks to its minimal weight, speed, and plethora of capabilities.

In this article, we looked at more than VS Code extension which might improve your programming skills and increase your output. You can look into many more VS Code extensions for a variety of use cases.

This post’s main objective was to list the useful VS Code extensions, all of which are undoubtedly good things.

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