How To Take Screenshot on Windows, Mac, Chromebook

How To Take Screenshot on Windows, Mac, Chromebook

We all know about screenshots and use them often to save important information. When we use any device for working and want to do something important for later use, the fastest way to preserve the Screen is to take a screenshot. Screenshot is the quickest way of saving any important information or images. However, every device has a different way of taking screenshots, which not all know. I am bringing this article to guide all new users who want to know how to take screenshots on Windows, Macbook, and Chromebook.

After reading this article, you will know the techniques of using this quick way of saving your screenshots for later use. It also allows you to edit the screenshot and remove the extra part. Also, read about How Do I Delete My Instagram Account.

Let’s delve into it. 

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows?

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

Windows laptops come in various models and brands, but the fundamental principles of taking a screenshot on all these devices are similar. Here are a few methods for taking screenshots on a Windows laptop.

Use the Print Screen Button

The Print Screen key is an easy way to take a screenshot. You only need to press the key to capture the Screen. You can save it in paint, crop it, and use it anywhere. Follow these simple steps to take screenshots:

Tap the Print Screen key to take a screenshot, which appears in the upper right corner. The picture is automatically saved to the clipboard.

You can open Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, or any program to insert and save the captured images. 

Please copy and paste the screenshot where you want or save it as a PNG or JPEG file. 

Use keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are also used for taking screenshots. 

To take a screenshot on a Windows laptop, press the print screen + Windows key. It will capture the full Screen and save it automatically in your pictures folder. 

Another keyboard shortcut to take screenshots is to press the Alt+Printscrn keys. It will capture only the active Screen you are using at the moment. The picture will be automatically captured on the clipboard. You can edit the image using Paint or any other editing software. 

Use the Snip and Scatch Tool

All Windows users know about the PrtSc button to take screenshots of their Screen and save them. However, with the advent of modern technology that employs graphical user interfaces, Windows computers now have a Snip & Sketch app installed. Users can use the Snip option to drag the cursor around an object to create a free-form Snip and capture a screenshot. A Window Snip can screenshot a specific window from multiple windows. The app also has a Fullscreen Snip feature for taking screenshots of the entire Screen.  

How To Take A Screenshot On Chromebook?

How To Take A Screenshot On Chromebook

Chromebooks are relatively easy to use as these are designed with much simplicity. But it might be tricky for you if you belong to the old school or a Windows user. You have to learn the techniques to use Chromebooks unavailable on Windows laptops. Taking a screenshot on a Chromebook is different from the window. But dont worry, it’s easy to learn it. You can easily take screenshots by using some keyboard shortcuts. Here are these:

Use Quick Settings To capture the Screen

First, open the settings on your Chromebook screen. You will find a camera icon. Select this icon, which is a screen capture tool. 

You will find a small menu bar with several options by clicking on it. It allows you to choose between full-screen or window or partial screen capture. 

The screenshot will be saved into the download folder when you choose one option. 

Use Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Chromebook has shortcut keys that you can use to capture your Screen quickly. If you want to save a full-screen image, press the ctrl + show windows keys from the top row of your Chrome keyboard. It will save the image in the download folder of your Chromebook. 

But if you want to take a screenshot of some part of your Screen, press Ctrl + Shift + show Window keys to do it. When you select the part of the Screen you want to save by dragging it with the help of a cursor, click on it. The captured Screen will be automatically saved in the download folder. 

How To Take A Screenshot On Macbook?

How To Take A Screenshot On Macbook

Macbook is different from Chromebook and Windows. So, taking screenshots on a Macbook is also different from other devices. It does not have any onscreen button or a built-in in-app. But still, they are easy to do it.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

While working on the Macbook, it is easy to do if you want to capture the whole Screen. Press the Shift key+ command +3 to screenshot the complete Screen. But if you are trying to save a small portion of your Screen, press shift +command +4 keys. It will change your cursor into a crosshair. Now drag the crosshair to select the part of the Screen you want to save.

To take a screenshot of the touch bar in the Macbook, press shift + command +6. It will automatically save the pic on your desktop as a PNG file, which you can use later. Also, read about Types of Digital Marketing.

Use MacOS On a Macbook To Take Screenshots

Along with keyboard shortcuts, MacBook has another way to take a screenshot. Apple macOS has a native method of capturing screenshots. It is quick and has many features that are not available otherwise. You can capture the picture immediately and save it wherever you want with the date and time of capturing the Screen. 

First, open the app by pressing Shift + command + 5. It will open a menu bar with three options. These three options ask you to take a picture of the full Screen, part of the Screen, or a specific window. You can choose one option you need to complete the task. 

After choosing one option, click the “capture” button. It will take the screenshot and save it on the desktop. 

Final Words

Screenshots have always been a huge hit. as the quickest and simplest way to save and transfer images and texts. It is the easiest and safest way to capture images because the image you click looks exactly like the original. Some built-in applications in modern computer devices allow you to take screenshots as quickly as possible. However, if you encounter a problem, keyboard shortcuts come in handy for quick clicks. 

However, each device uniquely takes screenshots. Each device can have different screenshot key commands, as discussed in this article. All of the above tips will assist you in taking screenshots on your Windows, MacBook, or Chromebook computer.


How do I take a screenshot on a Mac and Windows computer?

You can take screenshots on a Macbook Pro or any computer running a Mac Operating System (OS) using keyboard shortcuts from a Windows keyboard. If you’re using a Windows keyboard but a Mac OS, press Windows, Shift, and 3 simultaneously to capture the screenshot.

How do I use keyboard shortcut keys to take a screenshot on a Chromebook?

You can capture the entire screen using keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl + Show Windows. To capture a portion of a screen, press Shift + Ctrl + Show windows, then drag and click the portion you want to capture.

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