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How To Remove Yourself From a Group Text

Smartphones have simplified our lives by allowing us to communicate with our loved ones at any time using the internet and our smart gadgets. However, there are a few downsides. In today’s fast-paced world, we can’t text message our friends or family members individually; therefore, group texting is convenient for interacting with them all. It’s a straightforward approach until one morning when we wake up to find our phone flooded with group texts.  

If you are facing such a problem, this article will help you. We bring it for all mobile users who want to eliminate those annoying group text messages. Let’s hop into it!

Why We Need Message Group

Group messages are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Such groups are often developed to link community members or student groups to exchange information. Others feel inclined to connect with their buddies. Whatever the cause, group messaging is an effective method to communicate. One of the primary reasons people prefer group conversations on Apple’s iMessage is the enhanced amount of control that both platforms provide members. Whether you’re an iPhone owner or an Android user, communicating with other iPhone users or Android users becomes easier with group messaging. You can easily share information collectively. These devices also provide users with the best features to share high-quality media in the group. Also, read How To Limit Screentime on iPhone.

How To Remove Yourself From A Group Text on iPhone

Luckily, Apple provides its users with features like removing themselves from group text easily. There are two ways to remove yourself from a group chat. The first way is to leave the group conversation. The second method is to mute message notifications. 

How To Remove Yourself From Group Conversation

  • First, go to the messaging app where you have the relevant group. 
  • You will find the group name and its picture.
  • Now, choose the group chats you want to get rid of.
  • Select the option to leave the conversation.
  • You will be out of this conversation.

However, sometimes, you may need help finding the option to leave. This is because only some users in the group use iPhones. You do not leave the conversation if the group has a mix of iPhone and Android users. We have a solution to this problem. You can block the group so that you won’t receive any group conversation, and all the messages go directly into the bin. When you block the group, all the participants will be blocked by you. If you want to block them all, 

it is the easiest way to eliminate the group text. You can also mute the notifications for messages in the group. It will not hide the messages from you, but you won’t receive a notification for every message. 

How To Mute The Group Conversation on iPhone

When you want to leave the group but it’s impossible due to the mix of Android and iPhone users, you can mute the group conversation. Another reason that stops you from leaving the group conversation is if your group has less than three iPhone users. The best option is to mute the group conversion by following these steps.

  • Go to the messaging app on your iPhone. 
  • Click on the group conversation and hold it for a while. 
  • Here, choose the option to hide alerts. 
  • Your notification will be muted. 

You can also do it another way.

  • Open messaging app
  • Go to the group option you want to mute. 
  • Select the group chat and swipe to the left. 
  • Click on the bell option to mute notifications for this group of conversations. Also, read Best Lookmovie Alternatives.

How To Block The Entire Group

You can block the group by following these steps.

  • Open the messaging app on your iPhone.
  • Choose the group you want to block. 
  • Click on the name of the group. It will show a few options. 
  • Choose the option to delete and block this conversation. 
  • It will block the group. 

How To Remove Yourself From A Group Text on Android

There are two sorts of messages on Google Messages: older and new. Rich Communication Services is a new kind of messaging, commonly known as RCS. The second refers to previous SMS-based messaging. The earlier form of SMS cannot exit the group text. To remove group communications, you must mute the alerts; otherwise, you cannot quit them. One of the advantages of the newer RCS protocol is the ability to exit a group chat. Additionally, Google Messages and Samsung Messages have different texting settings.

How Do You Remove Yourself From A Group Text on Google Messages RCS?

If you’re utilizing the new form of Google messaging, RCS, these are the steps to quit the group.

  • Open Google Messages and choose the group conversation you want to leave.
  • Click the upper right menu.
  • It will show you further options, so choose group details here.
  • When you click on group details here, you will see the option Leave Group at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the option Leave Group.
  • You will be out of the group now. Also, read How To Close All Tabs on iPhone.

How To Mute the Message Notifications on Google SMs

Unfortunately, if you use Google SMS for group messaging, you cannot exit the group. Only the group admin can remove a member from the group. Otherwise, you may mute alerts so group texts do not continually blow up your phone. You’ll still see new messages but won’t hear an alert for each one.

Here is the method to do it. 

  • Open Google Messages and choose the group chat you want to silence.
  • Press at the top of the group name – or you can pick the menu in the upper right corner,
  • Press Group Details.
  • You will see the new screen, so choose Notifications here.
  • Choose the option Silent.

Why It is Not Safe to Join A Group Text

SMS texts or online group conversations might pose substantial hazards when you join a group. Everyone in the chat may see your messages and contact information. While you may be wise enough to provide your data, all your personal information is also important. This is why you should carefully assess the group conversations and exit any group chat that makes you insecure.

It’s also worth noting that a hacker may add you to a group chat. Hackers frequently compromise people’s social media accounts. Hackers may then use group chats to publish harmful links, or distribute viruses to your device. So it’s important to know the ways how you can leave these groups without harming your device and privacy. 

Final words

When you quit any of the group conversations you have been joined to, you will receive considerably less alerts. This prevents your phone from continually buzzing, allowing you to get on with your life without constantly checking and responding to irrelevant messages.

Furthermore, quitting group messaging protects your privacy and prevents communications from being transmitted to individuals you don’t know. Leaving group conversations also protects you against phishing efforts and harmful websites intended to infect you with malware.


How can I delete my phone number from a group text?

Open the message’s information. Find the “More” button option at the top of the group text. Tap on it to view the group’s information. Find the exit button. In the group chat’s details, an option will be labeled “Leave chat” or something like that. Tap on it to exit the Android group chat.

Why can’t I leave a group message on Android?

Chat does not enable Android users to quit a chat completely. Instead, silence the communication by clicking on the mute notion in the message app. 

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Naomi McCarthy

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