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How to Change Spotify Username

You must like to listen to music on Spotify while going out of the station or in your spare time. Your Spotify account showcases your personality and your music choice. If your user name differs from the one you want to keep on with, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, changing the username is not possible, but there is one thing that you can do. You can change your display name. Yes, you heard right. In Spotify, account username and display name are two different things. The display name is the name that appears on your Spotify homepage. Users can easily change their display name anytime. In this article, we will discuss how to change the Spotify display name. 

What Is Spotify?

Spotify is the modern times music streaming service that changes the whole concept of listening to music online. You do not need to download music for listening offline anymore. Users need to make their account on Spotify and discover a huge world of songs and music from all over the world. Spotify allows users to create a playlist of their favourite music and enjoy it whenever they like. 

Why users Want To Change their Spotify Username 

Well, it’s a serious thing to select the username of your Spotify account, as people get the first impression of the person from it. If you are not satisfied with your username, there’s little we can do because the username cannot be changed once it is created. But you should not worry about it, as you don’t need your username to sign in to your Spotify account. On the contrary, use Facebook or email ID to sign into it. Also, read How To Rotate Screen on iPhone.

How To Change Spotify Username

If you want to make your account name attractive to your Spotify followers, then you have to change the display name because it is your profile name that appears on your page, and followers can view it on your account. If you want to change your display name, here are the ways to do it. 

There are different methods to change the display name on mobile and desktop. We are sharing both ways in detail for you. Also, read How To Unblock Someone on LinkedIn.

How To Change Spotify Display Name On Mobile

How To Change Spotify Display Name On Mobile

  • Access the Spotify app on your mobile and sign into your account. 
  • Click on the home icon. A menu will open. 
  • Choose settings from the menu. 
  • Now click on your profile icon. 
  • You will find the edit profile option. Click on it to edit. 
  • Now, edit your display name with the new one you want. Keep it within 30 characters maximum. 
  • Now click on the save, and the display name will be changed. 
  • Your public appearance on Spotify will be updated with a new display name. 

How To Change Spotify Display Name on Desktop

How To Change Spotify Display Name on Desktop

If you want to change your display name on the Desktop, you can do it by following these steps. 

  • Open Spotify in the browser.
  • Sign in to your account. 
  • Your homepage will open. Click on the arrow under the profile photo. 
  • It will open a menu with various options. 
  • Choose the option profile here. ‘
  • Now tap on the profile name. 
  • Start typing the new profile name. 
  • Type on the save button after replacing your profile name with the new one. 
  • Now, your public display name has changed. Also, read How To Delete Your Uber Account.

Why does Spotify Generate User Names Automatically?

Spotify obtains usernames from the server and uses the system’s software to identify users’ accounts. It was done to enhance the user experience. According to Spotify, they are doing it to improve user experience. They create usernames by using random letters and numbers. But users don’t need to remember those user names as they don’t need them to sign in to their accounts. They need to enter their email and password to log into the account. Otherwise, they can change their display name as often as they like. Also, read What Is SOS Only on iPhone.

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Naomi McCarthy

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