What is YouTube Ambient Mode?

What is YouTube Ambient Mode

We all enjoy watching YouTube and spend hours on this amazing platform. The reason is that YouTube keeps providing the best services to its users by improving its features with every ailing moment. In the year 2022, YouTube introduced a new feature for users who like watching videos in the dark mode. Turning on this mode makes the videos bright and provides users with a good experience.

The most recent update to the YouTube app includes a cleaner design and several new features that include a trendy and exciting viewing experience that also improves the users’ viewing experience. The feature is called ambient mode, and it makes the user experience fantastic. This Ambient Mode is the most prominent feature, which allows the app’s background color to adjust in real time according to the video. It has the same effect as many innovative lighting designs that can sync with smart TVs and change color based on what’s on the screen.

In this article, we will discuss how this ambient mode works and how it works. If you are looking for ways to turn on or turn off YouTube ambient mode, look no further. Let’s delve into it.

Why do People Use YouTube?

 YouTube is one of highly used social media platforms worldwide. Although it has many competing websites and video platforms YouTube keeps itself apart from all of those. The reason why YouTube has outclassed all other video channels is that it continuously upgrades itself. That is why the number of YouTube users has been increasing day by day. We all use YouTube in our daily routine for not only entertainment purposes but also for learning purposes. 

YouTube has millions of users because it is a free platform where we can enjoy unlimited videos. It offers thousands of movies, dramas, TV shows, and much more which we can enjoy anytime. Whether you are a comedy lover, a child, or a student it has something for everyone. You just need to open YouTube on your desktop, android phone, or iOS device and enjoy unlimited entertainment. Due to its unlimited users, YouTube keeps working on its features. That is why we find it more user-friendly every time we open it. Also, read Sites Like Omegle In 2024.

What Is YouTube Ambient Mode

Ambient mode is a feature that provides coloured gradients to the background of a YouTube video screen. This feature is intended for use in dark mode to improve the user experience. The colors in the background are all taken from the video you’re watching and blended with a soft, glowing appearance. All of the colors leak into the video player’s surrounding areas, making it appear beautiful. YouTube’s Ambient mode keeps evolving, updating the background color instantly whenever the colors in the video change, making your viewing experience more immersive. 

Why We Should Turn on Ambient Mode 

Ambient Mode is a screensaver that comes standard with Google TV and Android TV. Its purpose is to avoid displaying static images for long periods. This is critical for technological displays such as OLED. As part of a visual refresh, the platform is introducing new features. The ambient mode is a new feature on the world’s largest crowd-sourced video-sharing website that makes it easier to watch the details of a video. Also, read Why iPhone Flashlight Is Not Working.

How To Use YouTube Ambient Mode on Mobile

Ambient mode can be used on both Android and iOS for watching YouTube videos. You can enable the mode by going to your profile. First, click on your profile icon, then choose settings. Now, choose the option general. It will show more options: select appearance and then dark mode. By turning on the dark mode, the ambient mode will be turned on, and you will see the video’s background brightened with beautiful colors. Turning off the ambient mode on mobile is also possible. You can do it by taking the following steps. 

  • Begin playing a YouTube video.
  • By clicking on the video screen, you can now access the control options.
  • To open a pop-up menu, tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap Ambient mode in the pop-up menu to turn off the feature. An Ambient mode is off. You will find a verifying message that the feature has been turned off. Follow the same steps to reactivate Ambient mode. Ambient mode does not work with offline videos. It means that if you are watching a download video, you will not see ambient mode in the background.

How To Use YouTube Ambient Mode on Desktop 

If you are using YouTube on a desktop, you can enable the ambient mode by going into the dark mode. First, log into your account, then choose your profile and appearance and click on dark theme to enable the ambient mode. If you want to turn off the ambient mode, here is the way to do it. Play your favourite YouTube video and move to the video player to view control options. 

Select the Settings option. It will open a pop-up menu; select Ambient mode to switch off the feature. Your video’s Surrounding will lose the gradient background and turn dark again. It will not only turn off the ambient mode for this video but for all YouTube videos from then on as well.

YouTube desktop’s Theatre mode does not support ambient mode. As a result, for the effects to appear, you must use the Default view. If the video player occupies the entire screen horizontally, you’re in Theatre mode. Also, read Best Crackstreams Alternatives.

Final Words

YouTube is used by millions of users all around the world. People watch their favourite TV shows, movies, and dramas to entertain themselves. Moreover, YouTube is a learning platform for thousands of people. That is why youtube is trying to improve its user’s experience. New features have been added to make the videos appear better. Ambient mode is one of these features that have been introduced in 2022 to improve video visibility in dark mode. Enabling ambient mode makes the videos brighter and easier to view. We discussed how to turn the ambient mode on YouTube on or off. You can use ambient mode on your desktop, android phone, or iPhone easily and enjoy your favourite videos. 


What is the purpose of YouTube’s ambient mode?

“Ambient mode uses a lighting effect to make watching videos in the Dark theme more immersive by casting gentle colors from the video into your screen’s background.” It’s a very subtle effect, especially when the colors in the video are dark and have less contrast against the dark theme’s background.

On YouTube, what is the difference between ambient mode and off?

YouTube Ambient mode is alive and well. It means that if the color of your video changes, so will the glow around it. This feature is only available in dark mode. In other words, YouTube’s Ambient mode is an updated dark mode, and users will be drawn more directly to the video content. Also, read How To Connect PS4 With Android.

Is ambient mode beneficial or detrimental to YouTube?

Ambient Mode is meant to be gentle and soft, but you can still turn it off if you find it distracting. The procedure for disabling Ambient Mode is similar for the web, Android, and iOS: Select the Settings gear icon from the video you’re currently watching.

Naomi McCarthy
Naomi McCarthy