Turn Off The Flashlight On The iPhone – How To Do It!

Turn Off The Flashlight On The iPhone

Smartphones have taken the place of many home accessories like a wristwatch, alarm clocks, cameras, and much more. Flashlight is another feature that makes it easy to use anywhere easily. We don’t need to carry multiple items like a torch while going out. One device is enough for us, and that is our iPhone or iPad. Whether you have dropped your car keys in the dark or are trying to read an important document outside at night, you need to turn on your iPhone flashlight to lighten up the dark environment around you. This article is all about different ways to activate or deactivate flashlights on your iPhones. Let’s delve into it. 

How To Turn on the Flashlight on iPhone

There are different ways to turn on or turn off flashlights on an iPhone. Here are a few of these. 

Turn on your iPhone Flashlight from the lock screen

When using iPhone X or later, use these simple steps to turn on the Flashlight. 

Press the flashlight icon on your home screen and hold it until the light is turned on. 

A white circle appeared around the flashlight icon, which means that the Flashlight is on now. 

Turn on the Flashlight by using the action button

You can also turn on the iPhone flashlight by using the action button. 

Go to your iPhone settings. 

It will open a search box. Type action in the search box and click on the action button. 

To activate the Flashlight. Press and hold the action button. Also, read How To Copy Paste On Mac Using the Menus.

How To Turn Off The Flashlight on an iPhone

Once you use the Flashlight, you need to turn it off. Here are different ways to turn off the Flashlight. 

How to Use The Control Center To Turn off The Flashlight on iPhone

Turn on your iPhone’s screen by tapping it, then press the home button without unlocking the screen. Because you don’t need to unlock it in order to use the Flashlight.

To access the iPhone’s Control Center, swipe up from your iPhone screen for iPhone 8 or later or down from the top-right for iPhone X or later.

Click the LED light icon, which glows when it is turned on. Clicking on it will turn it dark. Your Flashlight has been switched off.

How To Use Camera To Turn Off The Flashlight 

Suppose you find it tricky to turn off the Flashlight by using the control center. There is a much simpler way to do it. You can do it by just swiping on your iPhone camera. 

Turn on your iPhone’s screen and tap a little left to open the camera. This is yet another method for turning off the Flashlight.  

Scrolling completely left on your screen launches the iPhone’s camera. In this case, you’re not swiping far enough to open the camera, but it turns off the LED flashlight. 

Use Siri To Turn off Flashlight

Well, iPhone users must be aware of Sri features to perform various functions. You can also activate or deactivate the Flashlight on the iPhone with its help. Here is the way to do it. 

Open Siri on your iPhone by pressing and holding the home button for a few seconds. It will display the Siri icon on your phone screen. If you are using iPhone X, tap the home button to open Siri. When Siri activates, say to it, “Turn on the flashlight” or “Turn off the flashlight.” Siri will fulfill your order by simply turning the Flashlight off. 

Use a third-party App To Turn off the Flashlight on your iPhone.

When, for any reason, your iPhone flashlight is not working properly, you need to download a third-party application. Even with some additional functionality, a third-party flashlight app can perform better. There are numerous flashlight apps available in the App Store. Many flashlight apps can be found in the App Store’s search bar. Once you’ve decided on the best Flashlight app, all you have to do is press the “Get button” to download it to your iPhone. Also, read Sites Like Omegle 2024

Use Shortcut Apps To Turn on or Turn off the Flashlight on your iPhone.

Sometimes, it is not right to use third-party apps on your iPhone to activate flashlights. Here comes the shortcut apps to your rescue. The flashlight app is included with every iPhone model, but it cannot be launched from the home screen by default. However, you can add a shortcut to Flashlight on the home screen to turn it on or off.

Here’s how to make the Flashlight on your iPhone’s Home screen a permanent feature. You should use these instructions to add a shortcut to your iPhone’s flashlight app running iOS 14 or later:

Find the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

Open the Shortcuts app and navigate to “My Shortcuts”.

Click on the plus sign here. 

Select the “Add Action” option.

Look for “torch” in the main menu’s search box, then click “Set Torch.”

Click the “Turn” button, and select “Toggle” from the menu.

Touching the “forward arrow icon” adjusts the brightness as well. When you use the flashlight shortcut, the light output will remain constant.

Click the Settings icon here.

Click “Add to Home Screen,” then select the Flashlight and give the shortcut a suitable name.

Click on Add and then Done. to finish the process. Also, read Why We Should Turn on Youtube Ambient Mode.

How To Use Back tap Functionality To Turn off Flashlight

If you are an iOS 14 user, there is good news for you. iOS 14 has a new feature back tap. If you want to turn on or turn off the Flashlight, you need to tap on the back of your iPhone, and it will be done. The back of your iPhone is like a button. To activate the back tap function in your phone, take these few steps. 

First, go to your phone settings. Then, choose accessibility and touch and back tap. You need to choose two or more touches for the function you want to perform with a back tap. 

After deciding on a touch action, select the Flashlight option from the list of available options. When you select the flashlight option, you will see a blue checkmark around it, indicating that it was successfully selected. You can program two shortcuts, one for two touches and the other for three taps on the iPhone’s back cover.

You can also try out the Back Tap feature by touching the back of your device to activate the Flashlight and tap it again to turn it off. 

Why iPhone Flashlight Is Not Working

As we all know, using a flashlight is simple, but sometimes the flashlight icon in the Control Center or on the lock screen appears grayed out, leaving no way to turn it on. To test the Flashlight, open the camera app and take a photo with the flash turned on. Check that the lightning symbol in the top left corner does not have a line through it. If the flash does not work, close the camera app from the recent apps list. Now, scroll up from the home screen to the camera app. This is frequently an easy fix for the iPhone’s Flashlight.

Another way to repair a flashlight is to turn it off and on again. If the Flashlight still does not work, remove any cases, accessories, or screen protectors that are obstructing the Flashlight. Also, read Websites Like CrackStreams.

Final Words

Turning on and off Flashlight seems easy to do on iOS devices, including iPhones. However, different versions of iPhones have different methods to perform the function. We discussed different ways to turn off the Flashlight on iPhones, including the control center, camera app, or shortcut apps. However, if you need help with these, you can download third-party apps to activate Flashlight on your iPhone. 


Why does the iPhone flashlight turn on by itself?

To check why iPhone flashlights turn on automatically, take these steps.  Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back. Check to see if you have a Flashlight set as one of the things that can be activated by tapping the back of the phone.

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