Using QR Codes to Grow Your Business

QR codes are quick response codes that are used by many businesses today, ranging from restaurants to online retailers. They are simple to use, which is why their popularity is growing daily. People enjoy scanning their QR codes to make online transactions and share information about other businesses easily. 

However, along with the convenience comes the risk of becoming an easy target for hackers. So, before scanning any QR code, ensure it is safe. If you are using or planning to use QR codes in your business, this article is for you. 

Here you will learn about the best practices you can use in your QR codes to get the most out of this popular technology. It is also critical to understand the pitfalls of this new technology and how to avoid them. Related Article, Best Practices for Mobile Form Design.

What Are QR Codes?

QR codes are a modern type of barcode that can hold data about businesses, including URLs. To access the websites, scan the codes with your mobile phone. It is the most prominent advertising tool used by businesses worldwide today. They use QR codes on billboards, flyers and business cards to direct many users to their website with a single scan.

Ways To Use QR Codes IN Businesses

Although we have learned that QR codes are an easy way to reach out to the target audience and increase business, many businesses still need to learn how to use them effectively. There are numerous ways to improve the utility of this tool.

Use QR Codes Instead OF URLs

QR codes have made it easy for businesses to show it to the user instead lengthy links. Users will find it easy to scan codes while making online payments—a new tool to simplify online business. 

Save The Cost Of Printing Business Cards and Restaurants Menu Flyers

Business cards are a useful marketing strategy to expand your business, but you can spend less here as QR codes are here to take the place of business cards. Because QR codes contain all the information you print on business cards.

 Share your QR code linked with your website, and they will reach you just by scanning it.  Similarly, restaurants can now use QR codes to share their menu instead of printing new flyers and saving costs.  

Best Practices To Use QR Codes In Your Business Without Getting Scammed 

Before using QR codes for advertising your business, consider these practices to get the best results.

Choose The Right Types Of QR Codes 

QR codes may only work for your business if you select the correct type of Code. When creating QR codes, you should understand the differences between the various types of codes. An e-commerce website required different QR code than a website with content for information purposes.

Because both purposes are different, QR codes for both are different. Keep in mind the different types of QR codes before deciding on one. Here are different types of QR codes;

  • Static Codes: these are useful for static written content.
  • Dynamic codes: are useful for frequently changing content, such as data on E-commerce websites.
  • Codes with unlimited scans: these are useful for situations where you need to share content with an unlimited number of customers.
  • One-time use codes: these are only valid for one use. Businesses frequently generate discount offers codes for one-time use.
  • Single codes: these are intended to be used repeatedly for the same purpose, such as refreshing the website or any social media page.
  • Bulk codes: these  are used for events where a large number of people register with this Code for one time.

Choose The Right Materials

It becomes useful if a QR code is printed on the right material. Some materials should be avoided while printing QR codes because these materials are difficult to scan with a mobile camera. 

Glossy materials and wrinkled stickers are examples of these materials. Select cloth tags and write the Code with permanent ink to scan it easily.

Choose The Correct Place To Print the QR Code

Place the QR codes in an easily accessible location. If users have to exert effort to scan the Code, they are less likely to do so. Keeping the Code in a convenient location will work better.

Recommend The Users To use The Secure Scanning App

Although QR codes make it easier for businesses to reach their targer audience, there are a few drawbacks. If QR codes are not sufficiently secured, hackers can easily access them. It is the responsibility of businesses to secure their codes so that customers have a positive experience with them. 

If hackers dupe a customer, they will lose trust and refuse to scan your QR codes again. As a result, informing your customers about the secure apps they should use to scan the codes is critical. It would be more beneficial to include a link to some safe applications. Related Article: Useful VS Code Extensions.

Print The URLs 

Along with QR codes, sharing URLs to websites will increase security. Even if the process is lengthy, people prefer to be extra cautious by typing the URLs.

Avoid Sharing QR Codes On Social Media

Some new businesses use QR codes to market themselves on social media platforms. However, it could harm you rather than benefit you. On the contrary, these social media codes only attract hackers.

 Foremost, online users do not need to scan the Code. They can easily get there by following the link on your website.

Test Your QR Codes Before Sharing With Users

Testing codes after printing will save you a lot of trouble. If you print incorrect URLs on your company’s business cards and brochures, it will not only cost you money to reprint them, but it will also harm the company’s reputation. Customers will lose trust in you if they discover that scanning the Code is not working.

 However, we recommend that you double-check the Code before printing for any errors. It will save you time and money while providing you with the best results from your marketing campaign.

Avoid Using Free Accounts For Generating QR Codes

Free accounts save you money, but they have expiry dates, which means you must repeat the process of creating QR codes once they expire. Furthermore, you cannot fully rely on these accounts to keep your codes private. If something goes wrong, it will erode trust between your company and its customers.

 To avoid problems, use paid accounts such as super Code to gain the most benefits, such as unlimited scans with no expiration date. It will accelerate your marketing campaigns and help you grow your business.

Final Words

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of QR codes, it’s time to get to work. Try using the tips mentioned above to get the best results when creating a QR code for your business. Educate your customers on scanning QR codes and avoiding errors to make the path easier. It will assist you in running your business smoothly.

Naomi McCarthy
Naomi McCarthy

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