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How To Change iPhone Name In 2024

Apple provides numerous options for users to personalize their iPhones. You can change the font size, add multiple lock screens, select from custom wallpapers, and even personalize your device’s Name. We know that Apple users’ iPhone names are usually their own. It gives their iPhone a distinct identity and explains how their device is identified while sharing materials online. If you are an iPhone user but need to know how to change your phone name, this article is for you. We will show you step by step how to do it easily.

You can give your iPhone a distinct identity in just a few steps. This article will show you how to change the Name of your iPhone in a few simple steps. 

Why We Need to Change Our iPhone Name

Before we start learning how to change our device name, we must know why we need to do it. Changing the Name of your iPhone can be a useful way to personalize and differentiate it from other devices, whether you’re setting up a new device or have an existing one. It’s particularly helpful if you have various iOS gadgets. It will help you to differentiate them easily.

If you use your iPhone to transfer data through Airdrop, or if you want to find it using the Find My app, giving it a unique name will be helpful. This makes it easier for you and others to locate your device and secures your private data from unauthorized access. Also, read How To Connect PS4 Controller To Your iPhone And iPad.

How To Change iPhone Device Name Using Settings

You can change the name of your iPhone by simply going to settings. Here is the way to change the Name of your iPhone using settings. 

Open Settings

To change the device name, you must first open the settings app on your iPhone. Find it on your phone’s home page. You can also browse it on your phone by typing it in the search bar. It will open your phone’s settings. 

Click on General

When you open settings on your mobile, you will find various options here. Click General here to open multiple settings options. 

Click on About

After clicking on the general option in settings, you will open another menu with a few more options. On the top of the list, you will view the option About. Tap on About here. After clicking on it, you will open the About page. This page has information regarding your mobile serial number and much more. It is the place where you can change your device name. 

Tap on Name

As we said above, the About page allows you to change the Name of your iOS device. When you navigate the About page, a list will appear before you. Click on the first option, the Name here, to change the device’s name. Also, read Best Sites like Quizlet.

Change the Name of your iPhone

When you click on the Name, it will open a new menu list. It is the place where you will change the Name. Change the Name of your device here. Tap on done to finish the process. It will automatically save the new Name. 

How To Change iPhone Device Name Using Finder

If you cannot use the settings app to change your iPhone name, you can do it using Finder. Follow these steps to rename your iPhone. 

  • Launch Finder on your iOS device and attach it using a USB cable or the Internet sync feature. Check that your computer and iOS device are connected to a single WiFi network. Sometimes, you may be asked to unlock your iPhone. If asked, do it. 
  • In the Finder sidebar, click the device you want to rename under Locations.
  • On the keyboard, click the current Name of your iOS device, type the new Name, and press the return key. Finder will now rename your device in real time.
  • Again, the device name is used to identify your device in Finder, as well as in the Find My iOS app and the iCloud service’s web interface.

How to Rename an iPhone Using iTunes

You can change the Name of your iPhone if you sync it with iTunes. Here’s how it’s done:

  • First, Connect your iPhone to the computer it is usually synced. If iTunes does not open automatically, launch it manually.
  • Click the iPhone icon in the upper-left corner to access the iPhone management screen.
  • Select the Name of your iPhone in the left pane.
  • Enter the new iPhone name you prefer in the field with the old Name.
  • It will automatically save the new Name of the iPhone. 

How To Verify The iPhone’s Name Has Changed Or Not

Your iPhone’s name will be changed automatically after the above steps. But if you still want to confirm it, here are the ways to do it. 

First, search your iPhone on any other device. First, turn on the Airdrop or WiFi hotspot on your mobile. Here are the steps to do this. 

  • Go to the settings on your mobile. Find the mobile data and Turn it on. 
  • Then, go to the settings again. Click on the personal hotspot. 
  • Now tap on the button to allow others to join. 

Go to WiFi settings on any other device and search for your iPhone. You can see the new Name of your iPhone on the available WiFi connections. It will confirm whether your phone’s Name has been changed or not. Also, read What Is Time Sensitive On Snapchat.

Tips on Improving Your iPhone Privacy

If privacy is your primary concern, you could make a few other changes besides changing the name of your iPhone. The first step is to rename your Bluetooth gadgets, such as AirPods. You can rename the AirPods you’re using by going to Settings and finding your AirPods. It will make your device more secure. Simply tap on it to get the option to change it. Now, change your AirDrop name so that no one sees your real name. You can keep the name of your iCloud as your name so that it is easy to identify your device.

Final Words

The privacy of your iPhone is critical to protect your personal information. The more customized your device, the more secure it will be. iOS users who want to change the name of their device should follow the steps outlined above. We meticulously researched and brought this article for you to know the correct way. The simple steps outlined above are sufficient to rename your iPhone. It will help you protect your privacy, distinguish yourself from other devices, and simplify managing your devices while streamlining device sharing. Also, read How To Factory Reset MacBook Air.


How do I change the Name on my Apple ID?

Personal Information settings allow you to change the photo and Name to your Apple ID. Choose the Apple menu > System Settings on your device. Then click [your Name] at the top of the sidebar. Change the Name of your device. If done, it will change the device name. 

Is my Apple ID the same as my user name?

Your Apple ID is your login information for the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, iCloud, and other Apple services. It’s also used on your Mac to manage your Apple ID settings. If you forget your Apple ID password, you can reset it on your Mac by going to the Apple ID settings.

Where can I find my Apple ID?

If you do not need help remembering your account name, open a Finder window and select Go > Home. At the top of the Finder window, your account name appears next to the house icon.

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