Top 10 Android Phones In 2023

2023 will become the best year for Android smartphones because many phones will be launched this year. They are in all shapes, sizes and different prices. Some are the best budget smartphones, and some have higher prices than others. If you are looking for a foldable smartphone. You can see a great option from Samsung through his flip series. You can get the latest Android version and amazing features in 2023 best mobile phones.

Reached in the middle of 2023, the famous brands making the latest Android phones are Samsung, Asus, One Plus, GOOGLE Motorola, etc. These are the top level of brands that are making their best flagship smartphones. Some mobile phones are budget-friendly, and some have high prices. Below are some of the best top cell phones:

  • ONEPLUS 11
  • MOTO RAZR+(2023)
  • MOTO EDGE+(2023)

Top 10 Android Phones

1: Google Pixel 7 Pro – Best Android Phones

google pixel 7 pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro is the most potent and flagship phone of Google. It has a great design, improved camera hardware with a 5x telephoto lens, and the tensor G2 chipset, It is a fantastic phone. Google Pixel 7 pro is the successor of Google Pixel 6. The real difference is design. The back panel is made up of glossy glass, but the camera bar is coated in aluminum, giving it a unique look. It has a curved display, but it is less rounded than the Pixel 6 Pro. Tensor G2 processor gives it a huge power.

THE MAIN HIGHLIGHT is its camera. It is mainly famous because of its great camera, it has a 50 MP primary sensor that gives 12.5MP images as output. It has 2x crop, and the results of its images are great. The ultra-wide angle has upgraded too much this time. Its telephoto lens is its biggest update. It is 5x this year, and it supports up to 30 x digital zoom using super res mode. At 10x it captures wonderful pictures.




  • Battery life is a little lackluster


Samsung S23 ultra

Samsung S23 Ultra has a beautiful curved display. It enhanced the beauty of the phone and its s pen is really great. Its main and highlighted feature for it is mainly famous are its cameras it has 200 MP sensor and it gives equal performance in dark and light settings. It would be best if you had to pay for this value-to-money device.

If the budget is not a problem for you then Samsung S23 Ultra is the best Android smartphone for you in 2023. Samsung has made it the best mobile phone. It has a very great performance. All the latest Android features. It has s pen FOR MAKING NOTES and writing something. It has a quad-camera setup, which is really interesting. The main lens is 200MP. It gives images in 12 MP. Photos and videos are great. It has a whole-day battery backup. It is the one of the best smartphones in 2023.


  • Great cameras
  • Best display


  • Little Expensive

3: One plus 11 – Best Budget Smartphones

One plus 11

One plus 11 IS the masterpiece of one plus. It has a great feature OF FAST charging.  It is famous for its FAST charging. Its cameras have a big round shape design. It can support 100w of fast charging but it can’t support wireless chargers one disadvantage is that it does not have a good IP rating for water and dust resistance. Its main camera is 50MP 32MP telephoto lens and 48MP ultra-wide lens and FRONT has 16 MP.

It has a 5000 MAH battery, which is actually a very good and noticeable point for buyers.  It has a market price of 550$ almost. It has a 120 Hz AMOLED display of 6.7 inches, which is quite a good size, and the display is also very nice.

4: Google Pixel 7a

google pixel 7a

Google Pixel 7a has a 90 Hz OLED display. Google mobiles are already famous for their cameras mostly. And this cell phone also has good camera specs, which gives very good results. It has a 12 MP ultra-wide lens 64 MP is its main camera and the front camera is 13MP. It comes with the Google Tensor G2 processor. But there is one disappointing point its battery, which is 4385 MAH. It should be 5000MAH at the price of 444$.

5: Moto razor + (2023)

moto razor plus 2023

Moto razor’s main feature is its folding which makes it Easy to use. Handy and compact. It is the first foldable mobile that comes with dust resistance efficiency. It comes with a Snapdragon 8+ processor, which enhances its performance. 

6: Moto Edge+ (2023) – Best Mobile Phones

motorola edge plus 2023

A person who doesn’t want to purchase Google and Samsung mobiles and can’t afford too many expensive phones can buy a Moto Edge Plus.

Because it gives a good look, it has a curved display and has the best performance it is the best package with looks and performance and It has decent battery time.

7: Samsung Galaxy S23

samsung s23

 Samsung Galaxy S23 comes with snapdragon 8 gen 2, which is powerful and efficient. It has a larger display. it has a greater battery life than its previous model. It has 25 w charging, which is respectively slow. Its design is very beautiful and it is very handy. it comes with 8 GB and, 128 GB, 256 GB variants.

8: One plus Nord n30 5G – Best Android Phones

Oneplus nord n30 5g

This one plus mobile comes with a 90hz display there are no such improvements as its old model it has still a snapdragon 695 processor in it.  But it is a fast-charging smartphone with the best battery life. These points can be noted before buying this phone it does not come with any AMOLED display and it looks cheaper.

9: Asus Rog Phone 7 Ultimate

asus rog 7 ultimate

If you are a gamer and you are looking for the best gaming smartphone in 2023 then ASUS ROG PHONE 7 ULTIMATE is the best option for you. It includes all the specs that a gamer should want.

It has a huge battery life and a larger display. It has a great processor snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which gives very good performance in gaming. It has a giant battery of 6000 MAH and a great display of 165Hz. Where the all specs are good on the other hand its price is also very high 1300$. But the person whose passion is gaming should buy it. It is the very best opinion for him. 

10: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 – Foldable phones

samsung galaxy z fold 5

Samsung Z Fold 5 is a foldable mobile Samsung It is different from flip phones you can use it like a tablet or like a mobile phone It has a 6.2-inch display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. It comes with a snapdragon 8 gen 2 processor and it has a 4400mah battery. It also came in a 1 TB storage variant. It is a very good large display phone if you want to buy it in 2023.

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