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6 Best Practices Of Pricing Tables

If you are a developer or own an online business website, you must be familiar with the pricing tables. The primary goal of your website is to sell products, but what if you can do it better? Your website is well-designed, and your products are high quality, but something is missing: well-designed pricing tables. That is the primary point on your website where actual sales occur. 

Customers want to know how much products cost before purchasing them. That is why making pricing lists more specific and clear is critical. This article will provide you with the best practices web developers have used in websites for years. Many e-commerce websites use these practices successfully, and will also work for you. Let’s get started with the post. Also, read Enterprise Messaging UX.

The Value of Pricing Tables

Pricing tables can be extremely beneficial to any business. Users can make quick decisions if they have easy access to the values of the products. Your purchases will increase as you make them more accessible.

Best Practices To Design Pricing Tables

Here are some of the best practices you should employ in your websites to earn better revenues and increase sales. 

1: Pricing Tables Should Be Brief

Because the description portion of a website is separated from the pricing table, pricing tables should not be overly descriptive. Pricing tables detail pricing plans and their variations. Users want to know how prices align with features efficiently. It is better to explain their differences in brief but useful and meaningful ways.

2: Prominent The Display Of Different Features Within Price Plans

The only way to engage users here is to make the prices visible. Because users want to know the prices as soon as possible, ensure you assist them. Show them prices quickly by aligning them with the features. Assist them in distinguishing between prices based on features so they can select the best.

Pricing tables range from minimum to maximum. Begin on the left side with the smallest package and work your way to the others. Some websites provide the initial plan for free. That is often useful when users try the free plan and become acquainted with your website’s service. If they find the free plan useful, they will upgrade to the paid plan later.

Try to add three plans to your pricing tables;

  • The first plan should be free
  • Second plan with minimum price.
  • The third plan is often pro and expensive. This plan is useful for big companies or businesses. Most of the users go for free or the second plan.

3: Maintain Consistency in Your Design

Maintain consistency with your overall web design when creating your pricing table. It is not good to maintain consistency when attempting to design pricing tables. It will affect the website’s appearance and may cause you to lose clients because users prefer a familiar appearance within a website when they are accustomed to its specific look. Also, read about Modern Web Design.

4: Do Not Experiment With Being Attractive

Developers try to make the pricing table look appealing, but going too far can be detrimental to the UX. Using dark colors to make the table stand out can have the opposite effect. Using bright colors for a few price plans you want users to see is preferable.

Adding these colors to the table will confuse users and cause them to miss the true price plans. So, keep the table to a few colors.

5: Focus On The CTA

CTA is the most important part of any e-commerce website. To make users click the CTA, developers put all their effort into it. You should pay attention to the CTA button in your pricing tables. Use a unique color, font, and size for the CTA to be visible to the users. Facilitate your users so that you can have more CTA clicks. 

6: Concentrate On The Best-Seller Strategy By Emphasizing

There is one popular plan in each pricing table. Telling your users which option is the most popular will assist them in making their decision. They will concentrate on the most popular option and make an easy decision.

Highlight it with an appealing color if you want it to stand out more. Highlighting it leads the users to believe that this is their best option. It will boost your sales and increase your revenue. Also, read about Mobile App Marketing.

Best Pricing Tables Examples

Finding practical examples is always beneficial when learning something new. We have included some practical examples of pricing tables that will also work for you.

Example 1

It is the best example for those looking for useful pricing tables. It has three plans, beginning with the simplest and progressing to the best. Then they show a middle plan, followed by the most expensive plan. The best part is that they provide the first plan for free; a free one will increase the user’s trust in you. 

They will want to give it a shot because it is free. That is the best example if you want to design your pricing tables as efficiently as possible. It is simple but highly engaging because no one wants to miss out on the free offer. And if you gain the user’s trust, chances are they’ll buy the more expensive one later.

Example 2

Pricing is displayed in this example. It has four pricing plans, which are listed in descending order. The lowest price is first, followed by the second, and the third is highlighted as the most popular. 

It’s a good idea to use color to promote the popular plan. People will prefer the popular option because it has more features.

Example 3

This example illustrates three simple but appealing pricing plans. Users do not need to consider all because they only need to select the one they require. There is no highlighter, and the table is simple. But each plan describes the features and price to explain why the starter plan is less expensive than the business and enterprise plans.

As we all know, you have to pay more for more services. This table is ideal for those who provide the best services to their clients and know that their clients trust them. Also, read What are Mega Dropdowns.

Which Pricing Table Is Best For You?

Pricing tables are essential for any e-commerce website. All the tips and examples above will be useful only if used correctly. It is difficult to select the best pricing plan. 

However, the best way is to understand your audience and their needs. Then decide on a price for each plan. Then, design it in an appealing but functional manner. Add features that cost money while keeping the content small and simple. Furthermore, do not try to deceive your customers because it will harm your business in the long run.

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