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What Are Mega Dropdowns & How Does It Work?

Most of the time, e-commerce websites come with sections. These sections include thousands of pages. These websites have complex navigation and usually have many sub-sections. However, it is challenging to navigate using mouse hover on these websites because users need more control over the menu.

This way, sub-menus open and close anytime without users’ action, which could be more reassuring. If you want to use mega dropdowns for your website, this article is for you. In this section, we will look at how Mega-drop menus can be useful for websites and make them more user-friendly.

What Are Mega Dropdowns?

The main menu on the website page is a mega dropdown with several categories. The primary function of this mega dropdown is to assist users in navigating the website. A large dropdown menu with numerous subcategories appears when a user hovers over a specific category. It is simple to locate the exact location by selecting the relevant category you are looking for. It enables users to navigate the website without difficulty; the best part is that it is all in the hands of the users. Also, read A Guide to Create HTML Email With Best Practices.

How Does Mega-Dropdown Work?

Mega dropdowns displayed all of the options on one page, eliminating the need to scroll through the list to find the one we needed. The main menu allows users to navigate to deeper-level pages quickly. As a result, it is quick and simple, which is why most website developers use it. It facilitates website access by allowing users to see all sections in a dropdown menu. 

E-commerce websites are now using mega dropdowns to provide easy access. Users are not required to conduct a website search. They navigate to the main menu, and the droplist displays all website pages in one place. It improves website UX and fosters long-term user relationships.

Why Websites Use Mega-Dropdowns?

Any website aims to provide its visitors with useful information and products. What if, despite their efforts, they need help to reach their intended audience or customers? Yes, this does occur on websites with multiple categories and subcategories. 

When users visit these websites, they seek clarification after seeing many pages and leave. The mega dropdown keeps the user engaged with the website. 

Where Should We Use Mega-Dropdowns

The mega menu aids in displaying the data on the website so that users can easily find it. However, not all websites require mega dropdowns. Here are those websites where mega dropdowns should be used.

  • E-commerce Websites for selling products online
  • Blogs and magazines with a wide range of topics
  • Websites for large corporations
  • Websites of major hotels and restaurants

Best Practices While Using Mega Dropdowns

Mega Menus Are More Convenient And Engaging 

Scrolling through hundreds of website pages to get to the target page takes a lot of work. Users must devote more time and patience to searching multiple pages for a single product or piece of information. That is why mega menus are best suited to large websites. They display all of the data in their dropdown list.

Mega menus also support grouping and allow users to compare multiple items in one place. They understand the relationship between items and make better decisions as a result. Also, read Breadcrumb Navigation Web Design.

Mega menus work best when they are well-designed

A well designed mega dropdown can help any website to improve its user interface. Mega menus allow you to use illustrations with the link, which is a fantastic option. By including images, you gain even more advantages. It also has rich typography and can change font size and color. Adding icons to the mega menu can make it more interesting and useful.

Keep Mega Menus Simple So Users Can Scan Them

Regarding UX and UI, simplicity is the key to success. Yes, users prefer simple and straightforward solutions. Mega menus must also be simple to be usable. Simplicity does not imply the absence of color. 

Here simplicity means make things clear so that users understand what is displayed. They open it and understand how to use it quickly. It should keep the user on the website, which is especially important for e-commerce sites. Users of e-commerce websites should easily find and purchase their desired products.

The Search Box Must Be Visible

The search box is sometimes hidden beneath the mega menus. It only appears when users click or hover over the mega menus, which is not a good idea. The search box should always be visible and clear so that the user notices it without clicking the main menu. 


Although mega dropdowns have many advantages, accessibility is a major barrier here because selecting the main menu to appear in the dropdown list with many links is a major challenge. It appears simple to us but not to those with low vision. It becomes even more difficult if the user is using a mobile device. 

The zoom option can only cover the selected text; the user may miss out on some dropdown list options. It may have an impact on the e-commerce website’s sales. Customers will need help to reach the relevant product or make a purchase. Use the following tips to make the mega menu accessible to all clients.

  • Make each top-menu option clickable so the user can select the appropriate link.
  • Use advanced features. Adding plugins like jquery can make the screen accessible to all users, including mobile and desktop. 
  • Use one color for a single link.
  • All icons should be visible at once, so users do not need to scroll down.
  • Keep all the links in a well-spaced position.

Using Horizontal Or Vertical Mega Dropdown

We’re using the mega dropdown to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. However, some possibilities may cause everything to go wrong. When we add a lot of information on one page using horizontal or vertical dropdowns, it can be confusing if well-designed. Vertical dropdowns are beneficial to mobile users. 

Users can quickly hover over the main menu to see the links in the vertical dropdown. However, remember that the mega vertical menu only works for 8 to 10 links. A horizontal dropdown is preferable if you need to add more than ten links.

Horizontal dropdown menus present a plethora of options on a single page. They can switch pages sparingly. The page contains all the information, and the user can scroll down to see the next list. Also, read Best Practices For Effective Website Wireframe Design.

Finishing Up

The goal of web developers is to improve the UI and UX of their websites. Website navigation is crucial in this process. The mega dropdown menu is the most effective way to navigate large websites. Instead of searching the entire website, users can get there all at once. That means the user will stay on the website and take the appropriate action without encountering difficulties.

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